Sunday, February 04, 2007

So What's New?

It has been a while since my last entry, so I will try to do a quick re-cap of what is going on in my life to catch up...

September- My Finace and I deceided to rent out our Condo down town and move to Markham with my parents to save money for a house. During this time I also decided to Look for a job out side of the Family business. Had a great month playing Poker making $1550 / 83 Hours

October- Setteled in to house in Markham, had an interview or two and earned $600 / 66 Hours playing poker. Season #6 Finished with a wimper as I was knocked out early in the Finale.

November- Went to Buffalo and Niagrafalls for my Stag, had a great night with all of the boys. Poker time was reduced significantly as wedding approached and job interviews increased. Near the end of the month, I had an interview with IBM Procurement, and it went real well. By the end of the month they sent me a job offer and I accepted. + $248 / 15 Hours

December- Amy and I were Married on December 1st
in a beatiful Ceremony in the Mayanne Riviera with 30 of our close friends and family. The trip was loads of fun, and the honeymoon was relaxing and romantic. I started my job on December 18th. During this time my father had successful double by-pass surgery. He is recovering well! Poker: +$1154 in 37 Hours

2006 Year end: I cashed out $7500 and left my self with a bankroll of $2300

January- Basically spent the month training and getting comforatble with new job. Amy and I also put down a deposit on a End-Town home in Markham. We are very happy with our choice and are looking forward to moving in December of 2007! As for Poker, could not get anything going, I lost $500 playing $1-2 NL @ Dream Poker and have not been able to recover since... -$383 in 30 Hours.

So here we are Superbowl Sunday in February, with a new job, new house being built, new marriage and not a tonne of time to play poker. It is also worth noting that I have trimmed down from 238 in April of 2006 to a leaner 205 lbs as of today. So really.... What isnt new? Happy New Year all! Hopefully 2007 bring another great year to every one and I will try to update my blog more consistently, although with the way i am playing poker currently, that will mrean a lot of write ups on losing sessions.

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