Friday, October 06, 2006

Quick Update

Its been a long time since my last post and quite a bit has happened in during that span, so I'll try to catch up as briefly as possible.

On a personal note, My fiance and I decided to move out of Down Town Toronto, so we rented our Condo out on September 15th. Due to the fact we dont know excatly where we'd like to move to, we have set up shop at my parents place in Markham for the time being to save money and look around different area's like Stouville, Brooklin and Markham as well for a new place that we can afford and enjoy living in.

Pokerwise, I ran up and down fore the rest of the summer, but in starting September things started to click and I have increased my bankroll over $2000 up to $8900 since September 1st. I am now regulary playing $1-$2 NL holdem.

Right now, I am clearing a PSO promotion on Dream Poker, I deposited $800 there a few days ago, and currently have my roll there at $1425, so its been a nice ride on that site.

I finished Reading Sklansky and Miller's new book on NL holdem theory and it helped remind me that NL is a game of implied odds and how important it is to try to get in situatiosn to win players entire stacks. There is some other good information of calling All ins and moving All in at profitable times. Other then that it was just a solid refresher and got me thinking about the game again. I am now reading The Psychology of Poker.

The only real bad news I have to write about is that that season 6 of the Poker Leagues that I run has been a total disaster for me personally. I am currently in 9th place of 11 w/ just two tournaments left, and have cashed on just one measly occasion. Tournamenst just arent my thing right now, but Im not going to give up, just have to work harder.

That's all for now.

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