Monday, July 10, 2006

New Computer Arrives

I picked up my new Desktop computer today at lunch. I am now waiting anxiously for the work day to end so I can get home and hook it up. I had been having a tonne of trouble 4 tabling at most of the poker sites, My computer was constantly freezing and causing me to restart and get back to all of my tables. I lost out on a few nice pots and it really hampered with my playing time as I was spending more time getting set up then actually playing. Hopefully this new machine thta is equipped with a Pentium 4 processer and 1 GB of RAM will elimnate a lot of those troubles.

As for the weekend, I played a little poker on Party, working my way through a $75 Re-Load bonus. I played .25/.50 PL Omaha/8 on 4 tables and did well earning $88. I only played for a couple of hours, so its not enough hands to get excited about but it was nice to book a win over a couple of sessions. I still have 450 Raked hands to go before the bonus releases, which I am hoping to get done by Wednesday.

On Saturday, Amy and I went to our Friend Matt Seon's place in brooklin to have dinner and drinks for his Wife Terra's 30th b-day. After dinner and cake we hit Eldorado Golf course for a little night Golf. I am not a golfer and play terribly, so I was a little nervous about playing in the dark, but it turned out to be lots of fun, and I managed to make some good shots and was making better contact then usual.

Sunday, Amy and I went for a huge walk and ended up at the Roger's Centre to go into their Roger's Cable/TV Store, we needed to pick up our High Definition digital cable box to go with our new TV. After a little hassle we were able to get the box home and hook up to the TV..... and ofcourse that day Roger's happens to be having difficulties with thier network, so we are missing quite a few chanels. We were able to get the DVD player to work, so we watched a movie called GIA, this was a pretty depressing movie about a super model who makes it big, but falls into the life of a drug user and acquires AIDS. It was very disturbing to watch her fall from the top, but worth the watch.


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