Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Monster Run on FCP

It has been an extremely hectic week, but it has all been worth it. I have totally upgraded my computing by purchasing a new desktop and a new Dell Inspiron 9400 Lap top. Both machines are insane compared to my old computer, but I am really loving have a lap top. The reason I chose the 9400 was so that I could 4 table with the 17" screen and I am glad I did. Despite nothaving my wireless rauter hooked up yet, I have been playing poker on my balcony an hour or two an evening and I absolutely love being able to do that.

Poker has been going incredibly well since I made the upgrades, I deposited $500 on FCP to clear $50 in bonus money and I went on a tear playing 4 $50 NL tables that saw me increase by FCP bank roll to $1132. I was hitting huge hands and getting paid off. I also played more aggressively yet patient and it seem sto have worked. I cashed that out and am now trying to figure out where to go. I have bonuses pending at Inter Poker, Paradise Poker and Ultimate Bet, plus there PSO promo's that I can do. For now I am going to continue organizing my laptop, then maybe read a chapter of Antonio Esfariardi's Book. Its actually not a bad read, and I think it has helped my No Limit game quite a bit.

Lat night I purchased my suit that I will be wearing for my wedding, I got it from Harry Rosen at the Eaton Centre. I went with a Linen Suit very light in color, so it is the perfect look and feel for a wedding on the beach in mexico.

Money easy come and easy go right now as I have made a lot of major purchases of late including Computers, Furniture, TV and now a suit. I still have to buy my wedding rings and then I am hoping to be able to relax and enjoy all of the nice changes that Amy and I have made to the condo. We are still waiting for the furniture I will let you know how it lookd once it has been delivered.

Tonight we are going to clear some more stuff out, play a game of squash and hopefully watch a movie.


At Sun Aug 13, 05:07:00 AM EDT, Blogger Jord4n said...

hey, saw the comment on my blog...

thx for reading btw...

i think if you are playing $100nl you should have around 15-20 buy ins. I played $100nl with less than this, but it's the best way to keep an even keel when you go on a downswing. Once you move up to 200nl and 400nl you may want to keep an even larger roll. Although it's not neccessary.

I like to have 50 buy ins for 400nl, but I'm also about to be playing for a living, so it's important I'm overrolled.

If you are a working man ;) I think you could play $200nl and $400nl with a 20-25 buy in roll and be alright. I know some guys that prob play it with less than that, 15 - 20.

granted i dont know your skill level, or how you handle losing 5 buy ins a night...all that stuff should be thought about and addressed before you jump limits.

100nl is easy to beat. you could be up and thru that limit in a month if you wanted, even less. once you get to 200nl and higher you can really start making a killing if you are good and can deal with the swings of the game.

i'd recommend getting experience at 200nl though before you would move to 400nl. 200 - 400nl i think should be your longest gap (time wise/hand wise). At 200nl you'll have $1k downswings (just 5 buy ins) and will get you ready for what $400nl will bring.

- Jordan


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