Thursday, July 06, 2006

Canada Day Weekend

I decided to hang around for the long weekend instead of going to any cottages. Friday night we went to dinner and then came home to start working on organizing our condo. We had an engagement party on June 25th and were lucky enough to receive quite a few gifts. Being in a condo we dont have much excess space so we have to sort out what we have to get rid of for the new items. Saturday, we woke up early and went for breakfast at Over Easy. Its a great spot to hit for breakfast, with delicious food and friendly service. After that, we went for a walk over to the Eaton Centre, I looked at suits to wear for my Wedding in Mexico, we saw a very nice linen suit at Harry Rosen which is the front runner as of now. I think i'll go back this weekend and look into making the purchase.

We then took a walk around the streets of Toronto and ended up at the Jazz Festival and then took a look around city hall. One of the major pluses about living down town is that when you take walks there is always something to see and this weekend was no exception. From there we headed home and got back to work on the condo, removing a table, 5 chairs, and a bunch of other stuff that we never used down to the moving room. We did all kinds of work but still lots more to do. I am planning on calling a furniture store this weekend and having some come take a look and make suggestions on how to optimally make use of our space.

On Sunday evening we went to Amy's brother Rick's house for dinner, He and Dana cooked us some tastay steaks along with Salad and Mushrooms. It was an awesome meal, we then sat outside and talked wedding plans and other details while having a few drinks. It was lots of fun.

Monday, we hit the bay to purchase a new TV, we got a 42" LCD Read projection made by Sony, I also ended up splurging on an out door set that we have been looking to get for quite some time. We both extremely happy with the new additions and are anxiously awaiting thier arrival set for this saturday.

Poker wise, I got destroyed on Tuesday night losing $215 playing both .25/.50 NL and .50/$1 NL Holdem on Inter Poker, the big loss occured when I had 97s and flopped an OE Straight Draw to go with a flush draw, I check raised all in and got called by a set of 8's, I hit my flush on the turn, but the board paired on the River to lose me the pot. I was extremely frustrated and lost another pot w/ QQ shortly after where I laid down the best hand instead of calling an all in bet on the turn. In my head I wasnt ready to lose $200 in 5mins which i why I laid teh hand down rather then calling the $75 bet. In the future I will not be looking to make big lay downs with over pairs in these games, there are just too many donks that are willing to make large bets with marginal hands.

For the time being I am awaiting teh arrival of my new computer's so I have not been playing very much, My desktop is suppoed to be ready today so hopefully I will have it all set up for the weekend.

Thats it for now.


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