Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not much doing Poker-Wise

My poker playing time has been way down lately, Im down to less then an hour a day, which is unheard of for me since I started playing On-line in the summer of 2004.

Instead I am taking on more responsibility at my Job and trying to learn as much as I can from my Dad. I am also considering taking some more classes to enhance my education. I have looked into some options and feel that I would like to pursue some Accounting and Management courses as that is what I am interested in on the business end of things.

I did have a good weekend, Friday Amy made us a delicious Spicy Shrimp dinner and I did play some poker later that night. Saturday we went to the Eaton Centre and Amy did some shopping, we then played some squash and then hit a movie. We decided on the Davinci Code and although the reviews weren't great, I thought it was entertaining and definitely worth seeing. Sunday, I met my soon to be brother in law Rick, Sister in Law Liz her son Liam and a couple of Rick's friends and their kids at the Rogers Center and we took in a Jays-Tigers game. I got lots of sun, and had a few beers and watched the Jays get pounded, but over all it was a good time.

When I have been playing poker it has been on Party Poker playing 1-2 Limit Omaha8 or $50 PL Omaha8, as I staed earlier nothing much to report, I've been up and down and am mostly breaking even for the month over a very limited playing schedule. I can see this semi break lasting through out the summer and then increasing my seriousness and playing time in September.

I should take the time to update my fantasy baseball situation. I am currently 8th out of 10 team's, I actually have been on the rise as I was 10th not too long ago. Lots of work to do to get my team in gear, but Im having a great time following it as always.


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