Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Month End + Fishing Trip

I had my most profitable month of 2006 in May, I was able to clear a bunch of bonuses and win some $ on top of the bonuses which is what seperates the big months from the marginal ones. I finished May on Full Tilt clearing a PSO Promotion. I mainly played 2/4 Limit Omaha H/L and was happy with my play. The promotion went quick and I was able to cash in 10,000 PSO points for a $100 Party Poker Gift Certificate.

June has been slow poker wise, mainly because I have been busy with some other things like Squash, Wedding Plans and work. I have played a little Limit Omaha H/L at Paradise but had a bad run of hitting good 2nd place hands and losing big pots.

I did find time to head up to my Fiance's cottage with her Dad and brother Rick and Rick Jr. We went fishing and had a blast, we hit 6 different lakes, but only came up with one fish, a 10 lb muskey that Rick Jr was able to reel in. We went spent a lot of time driving and boating which really ate into the potential fishing time. I am not an avid fishermen, so it nice to get away from the city and enjoy the forests and lakes. We also went into town on Monday night and watched Game #1 of the Stanley Cup. That was just an incredible game, Edmonton blew a 3-0 lead and lost thier #1 Goalie, so they look like they are in bad shape but they have prevailed all playoffs so Im not counting them out.

I got back from the fishing trip today at around 3pm, I stopped in and saw my Mom, Niece (Matalyn), Brother in law and Brother and had a good chat and then headed home to Toronto. Amy and I had some dinner, then played a quick game of squash and am just about to hit the hay.

May Results

Live Ring Games= $0/0 hours= $0.00/hr
Live Tournies= $40/ 6.5 hours= $6.15/Hr
OnLine Tournies= $7/ 4.5 hours= $1.50/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= $1172/35 Hours= $33.47/Hour
Total= $1219/46 hrs= $26.49/hr
Current Bank Roll= $5622 US (+$1029)


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