Friday, June 30, 2006

End Of June and a load of Computer Trouble

June has come and gone, and I never really got anything going Poker wise, I played less then 7 hours a week which is way down for me and never got on a roll. My bank roll increase a measly $18 so we'll just say I broke even which include's Bonuses. In terms of record keeping I was able to transfer my book keeping over to a site called, this site is perfect for my needs as it not only keeps your results, but it also has a good section on tournament play and an even better segment dedicated to Bankroll management. This has allowed me to seperate my bonuses earned from actual results for the year. So far in 2006, I am - $480 in actual poker results, but I have increased my bankroll by almost $3000. I am not all that surprised by the fact that I am down, I have been playing 4 tables almost exclusively from when 2006 began and my tournament results have been quite poor. The multitabling allows me to clear bonuses at a faster pace and I am happy to be earning around $100 an hour at this point. My goal is to turn around the losses and start winning while multitabling and this will improve my hourly rate in a huge way.

On Thursday I turned my Computer off after is had a normal spat and froze, the problem was that when I flicked it back on, there was no power. Ive brought it into the Computer Guy here at work (Gary) and he thinks the power source is blown and that it is probley time for a new machine. I will most likely call dell this weekend and am planning on buying a new desk top and a new lap top.

As for non poker related issues, I worked my last shift at the Hockey Hall of Fame on Thursday, they were very nice about it and left the door open to me returning later in the year if I decide I'd like to. But, for now I have decided to become a full time employee at a my father's company Cardinal Containers. The commute is a bit long (40 mins or so) but the flexabilty is great and I feel I am ready to make a stronger contribution.

Amy and I also had our engagement party/Local reception on Sunday June 25th at Wooden Stick's Golf Course in Uxbridge. They set up a great tent for us with lots of food and a great mingling area. We had a great turn out and the afternoon was a tonne of fun. The Jack and Jill and Stag are coming up next and then we head to Mexico on November 29th...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not much doing Poker-Wise

My poker playing time has been way down lately, Im down to less then an hour a day, which is unheard of for me since I started playing On-line in the summer of 2004.

Instead I am taking on more responsibility at my Job and trying to learn as much as I can from my Dad. I am also considering taking some more classes to enhance my education. I have looked into some options and feel that I would like to pursue some Accounting and Management courses as that is what I am interested in on the business end of things.

I did have a good weekend, Friday Amy made us a delicious Spicy Shrimp dinner and I did play some poker later that night. Saturday we went to the Eaton Centre and Amy did some shopping, we then played some squash and then hit a movie. We decided on the Davinci Code and although the reviews weren't great, I thought it was entertaining and definitely worth seeing. Sunday, I met my soon to be brother in law Rick, Sister in Law Liz her son Liam and a couple of Rick's friends and their kids at the Rogers Center and we took in a Jays-Tigers game. I got lots of sun, and had a few beers and watched the Jays get pounded, but over all it was a good time.

When I have been playing poker it has been on Party Poker playing 1-2 Limit Omaha8 or $50 PL Omaha8, as I staed earlier nothing much to report, I've been up and down and am mostly breaking even for the month over a very limited playing schedule. I can see this semi break lasting through out the summer and then increasing my seriousness and playing time in September.

I should take the time to update my fantasy baseball situation. I am currently 8th out of 10 team's, I actually have been on the rise as I was 10th not too long ago. Lots of work to do to get my team in gear, but Im having a great time following it as always.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Month End + Fishing Trip

I had my most profitable month of 2006 in May, I was able to clear a bunch of bonuses and win some $ on top of the bonuses which is what seperates the big months from the marginal ones. I finished May on Full Tilt clearing a PSO Promotion. I mainly played 2/4 Limit Omaha H/L and was happy with my play. The promotion went quick and I was able to cash in 10,000 PSO points for a $100 Party Poker Gift Certificate.

June has been slow poker wise, mainly because I have been busy with some other things like Squash, Wedding Plans and work. I have played a little Limit Omaha H/L at Paradise but had a bad run of hitting good 2nd place hands and losing big pots.

I did find time to head up to my Fiance's cottage with her Dad and brother Rick and Rick Jr. We went fishing and had a blast, we hit 6 different lakes, but only came up with one fish, a 10 lb muskey that Rick Jr was able to reel in. We went spent a lot of time driving and boating which really ate into the potential fishing time. I am not an avid fishermen, so it nice to get away from the city and enjoy the forests and lakes. We also went into town on Monday night and watched Game #1 of the Stanley Cup. That was just an incredible game, Edmonton blew a 3-0 lead and lost thier #1 Goalie, so they look like they are in bad shape but they have prevailed all playoffs so Im not counting them out.

I got back from the fishing trip today at around 3pm, I stopped in and saw my Mom, Niece (Matalyn), Brother in law and Brother and had a good chat and then headed home to Toronto. Amy and I had some dinner, then played a quick game of squash and am just about to hit the hay.

May Results

Live Ring Games= $0/0 hours= $0.00/hr
Live Tournies= $40/ 6.5 hours= $6.15/Hr
OnLine Tournies= $7/ 4.5 hours= $1.50/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= $1172/35 Hours= $33.47/Hour
Total= $1219/46 hrs= $26.49/hr
Current Bank Roll= $5622 US (+$1029)

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