Thursday, May 11, 2006

Smooth Sailing at Inter Poker and Season #5 comes to an end...

I played some online poker at Inter on Friday night for an hour or so and ended the session even. Saturday afternoon, I did the same, but this session I came out ahead $175 and completed the $50 Welcome back bonus.

On Sunday we played two League Tournies, In the first one things were going well until I reraised from MP w/ AQ, The raiser called and we took a flop of A-Q-2, this was a great flop for me and I bet out T800 into a T1350 pot, my opponent took his time and re-raised all in for T2100 more, I insta called and he showed a set of 2's and I was out in 8th.

The next tourney, I went in thinking I was done interms of making the final table, so I just wanted to play good and had nothing to lose. I ran incredibly well from the start hitting a set of 7's, a nut straight w/ QJ a FH w/ AK. I then picked up AK UTG and raised the T100 BB to 350, Thornton re-raised all in for T2200 more, I thought about it for a bit and decided it was worth the gamble considering I had about T5500 in chips and was playing to win. I called and he flipped over QJ, my AK held and I was now in great position. From there I was able to make some timely bluffs and hit another hand or two and got heads up vs my brother in law Craig. We battled back and forth for a while and I was finally able to capture the win when I flopped top pair w/ J6s and check raised him all in. He called w/ middle pair and my hand held up. I won $280 and was able to sneak into the final table in 6th place as Virg had a tough day and was knocked out early in both tournies opening the door for me. I feel good that I was able to take advantage.

So Monday night, we played the Final Table, I was at a pretty big disadvantage with only T2500 compared to the chip leaders T7500, so I knew I was going to have to hit a hand or two or flat out gamble. Well, I didnt hit a hand early, so with blinds of 200/400 and my stack at T2400 I moved in w/ 33 and was called by AK. King on the flop knocked me out. Gerrard was able to hit afew hands early and came from behind to win the tourney despite starting in 5th spot w/ T3000. My brother Darrell was the big winner for the whole league profiting $930 despite finishing 4th in the Final.

I havent played any poker since Monday night, but am planning on getting some hours in tonight on Inter Poker.


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