Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Running on Fumes....

I had a busy day yesterday, getting back into work after a long weekend that included plenty of booze and late nights at the cottage. We had a great time up there as always, but it does it take it toll when trying to resume my routine to start off the week. Any how, I did make it in to work and when I got home I knew Id have to play 500 RH's on Party Poker by 11 PM to finish off the 2nd of the $75 Re-Load Bonuses. I ripped off 800 Total hands and just got the RH's in by 11, I had a good start and hit some hands to go up $15 playing $25 NL Holdem, then I made a few bad plays including over playing a set of 6's on a suited flop and ran into a made flush. I then tilted a wee bit and ran AQ into AK, at that point I was probley down the whole bonus but I rebounded nicely at the finish line doubling up with A's and 8's vs A's and 2's, I won a few more decent pots and finished the clear up only $30 (including bonus). Not a great result, but I was under pressure and playing 5,6 and even 7 tables so I was not at my best at all.

Tonight Im hoping to play some squash and get home in time for the Negreanu-Open which starts at 9pm. Ive also been surfing around Poker Source On-Line (PSO Link on the right hand side of my blog page) and have decided to do the Full Tilt promo for 6000 PSO's points. I have to get 250 FT points to quailify and may try to do it playing $10 SnG's.


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