Thursday, May 18, 2006

Omaha HL and Neg-O...

Things are rolling along very nicely this month, I have just completed 2 $120 Bonuses on Poker Stars. I changed it up and started playing Limit Omaha HiLo $1/2 to finish off the bonuses and I am really enjoying this game so far. To prepare my self for the change in game I gave been reading a book called Winning at Omaha/8 by Mark Tenner and so far it has been a helpful and interesting read. Im only a chapter or two in, but already he has set the bar on starting hand selection and basic post flop play. I believe there are a lot of players playing this game that arent familiar with the rules or strategy so you can really have nice sessions if you can hit big hands. I also find it easier to get away from marginal holdings when I only get a piece of the flop, Im aborting the mission early and saving bets rather then hanging on for a weak draw or in case my opponent is bluffing like I do in Holdem.

I also played in the $10 buy in NL Holdem Tourney on FCP last night, it was my 1st deposit there and I have to say I really like the site. The interface is great as is the game selection and there seems to be plenty of Tournies to choose from. Last was the Wednesday night Negreanu open run through the Full Contact Poker Forum. 156 players particiapated and I was doing very well after sticking out a cold run of cards early. I doubled up w/ A9 vs TT and then won a nice pot w/ 55 vs a KJ, but I goofed bady w/ 57s on the BB, I called a Raise and made Check Raise All in Semi bluff on a 4-6-6 Board, my opponent took a long time but finally called with TT and I was out in 50th spot. Yes I showed some guts moving in, but I think I took too big of a risk and could have been more patient, To that point I had accumulated a bunch of chips with out doing anything drastic so there was no need to risk it all in that pot. Ah well, live and learn!

Im now completing 2 $75 bonuses on Party Poker and will be playing $1/2 Limit Omaha HL to get it done. I'll be playing some more tonight and then I'll be taking off to my Fiance's cottage for the weekend.


At Wed May 24, 07:59:00 AM EDT, Blogger andy said...

hey man, i remember you saying both you and your wife have accounts at the same sites.
do you play on the same comp? are they ok with it?

At Wed May 24, 11:06:00 AM EDT, Blogger BNH77 said...

Were currently using her parents address for her sign-ups on the sites as were not married yet... No issues so far, but I have heard of others that have to call in and clear it with the site to have a husband and wife account.


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