Friday, May 05, 2006

May Starts with a Bang...

I had a nice run clearing my 2nd Re-load bonus on Party Poker and finished up ahead $134 plus I collected the $100 Bonus for playing 1000 Raked Hands. I changed my style back to raising and re-rasing Preflop and trying to find out where I'm at rather then limping and trying to hit big flops. This is the way I played when I was playing one table but found it tough to do while multi-tabling. I guess I am starting to adjust to playing 4 tables and am having a little more fun being able to play a more aggressive brand of poker while clearing the bonuses.

From Party, I went to Inter Poker where I have a number of pending bonuses. I've only played 1 session so far where I 4 tabled full ring .50/$1 NL Holdem and had a great session of +$141. I got paid off on some big hands including KK, two Ace High flushes and a set of 8's.

The tournament I was going to play in on Saturday has been Cancelled, but we have two league tournies to play on Sunday, hopefully I'll be able to bring my cash game success to the tournies and make some thing happen.


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