Wednesday, May 03, 2006

End of April...

I ended April by clearing a $130 Re-load bonus on Party Poker. Things were going really smooth with the clear as I was 6-tabling $25 NL holdem and was ahead about $50 or so when I lost two big pots, one with QQ vs a set of 7's and another with a set of 8's vs a flush that hit on the river. So I ended up breaking even for the clear and collected the bonus money.

On Sunday we only had 7 guys show up for our league tourney, I didnt play very well and losta big pot w. AQ vs AK, I went out 6th and basically sealed my fate for missing the final table for the 2nd time in as many season's. This is a big wake up call that my Tournament game is rusty and not where I need it to be. I will have to take steps to improve it in the future. Im having trouble making the adjustments necassary to play marginal cards in marginal situations, make big bluffs and hards calls that are needed once the blinds go up.

April Results

Live Ring Games= $0/0 hours= $0.00/hr
Live Tournies= $-60/ 15.5 hours= $-3.87/Hr
OnLine Tournies= $0/ 0 hours= $0/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= $943/65 Hours= $14.50/Hour
Total= $884/81 hrs= $10.98/hr
Current Bank Roll= $4594 US (+$981)


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