Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Change of Pace...

I finished the $100 Bonus at Inter Poker playing 2/4 Limit Holdem on 4 tables. The bonus cleared much faster playing this level, but I am not a strong limit player so I lost about $100 Clearing the bonus. Most of it in the session when I played overly aggressive w/ weak holding forgetting that no one will fold top pair in limit poker. Just bad play on my part, so if any one has any advice on playing Limit Holdem feel free to contribute in the comment section.

Im now at Poker Stars clearing a $120 Bonus and they have a double FPP's bonus offer running right now, so the bonus is clearing much faster then usual. I have played some $1/2 Limit Holdem a few $10 SNG's which I bubbled both times, I also played some Heads up poker, I entered a 4 man Heads up SnG for $10 and won both of my matches quickly for a $40 win, I then played a heads up $10 SnG and won that as well. I finished the night off playing $1/2 Limit Omaha 8 or better. I lost a few bucks but had a great playing a new game for a change.

On a personal note, My Fiance and I joined a recreational centre a few blocks from our condo and have been playing squash a few times a week. Its been a great change of pace to get off the couch and computer and go get some exercise after work. For a while I was feeling like my life was lacking balance and I am making a concerted affort to eat heathier and smaller portions, Drink less Coke and Alcohol and get more exercise.

This past weekend was a good one, My brother Chris who lives out in Arizona was in town so my brother Darrell and I met him at a pub in Markham and had a few drinks and a good catch up session. Chris has been married for a couple of years and now has 1 yr old daughter named Olivia. He is chasing the Dream in the US right now looking to make a fortune in sales and Real estate. Sounds like he is heading in the right direction, but we of course miss him here.

Saturday I went out with my good friend Justin, It had been while since we've been able to get together so we went to a pub for a couple of beers and got caught up.

Sunday was Mother's day, so Amy and I went to my parents place for brunch and then her parents place for dinner, in between we stopped by my sister's new house. Its a great house with a great back yard that backs on to some walking trails. Its a few minute drive from Amy's parents place, so they will be easy to visit when were in the area.


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