Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Running on Fumes....

I had a busy day yesterday, getting back into work after a long weekend that included plenty of booze and late nights at the cottage. We had a great time up there as always, but it does it take it toll when trying to resume my routine to start off the week. Any how, I did make it in to work and when I got home I knew Id have to play 500 RH's on Party Poker by 11 PM to finish off the 2nd of the $75 Re-Load Bonuses. I ripped off 800 Total hands and just got the RH's in by 11, I had a good start and hit some hands to go up $15 playing $25 NL Holdem, then I made a few bad plays including over playing a set of 6's on a suited flop and ran into a made flush. I then tilted a wee bit and ran AQ into AK, at that point I was probley down the whole bonus but I rebounded nicely at the finish line doubling up with A's and 8's vs A's and 2's, I won a few more decent pots and finished the clear up only $30 (including bonus). Not a great result, but I was under pressure and playing 5,6 and even 7 tables so I was not at my best at all.

Tonight Im hoping to play some squash and get home in time for the Negreanu-Open which starts at 9pm. Ive also been surfing around Poker Source On-Line (PSO Link on the right hand side of my blog page) and have decided to do the Full Tilt promo for 6000 PSO's points. I have to get 250 FT points to quailify and may try to do it playing $10 SnG's.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Omaha HL and Neg-O...

Things are rolling along very nicely this month, I have just completed 2 $120 Bonuses on Poker Stars. I changed it up and started playing Limit Omaha HiLo $1/2 to finish off the bonuses and I am really enjoying this game so far. To prepare my self for the change in game I gave been reading a book called Winning at Omaha/8 by Mark Tenner and so far it has been a helpful and interesting read. Im only a chapter or two in, but already he has set the bar on starting hand selection and basic post flop play. I believe there are a lot of players playing this game that arent familiar with the rules or strategy so you can really have nice sessions if you can hit big hands. I also find it easier to get away from marginal holdings when I only get a piece of the flop, Im aborting the mission early and saving bets rather then hanging on for a weak draw or in case my opponent is bluffing like I do in Holdem.

I also played in the $10 buy in NL Holdem Tourney on FCP last night, it was my 1st deposit there and I have to say I really like the site. The interface is great as is the game selection and there seems to be plenty of Tournies to choose from. Last was the Wednesday night Negreanu open run through the Full Contact Poker Forum. 156 players particiapated and I was doing very well after sticking out a cold run of cards early. I doubled up w/ A9 vs TT and then won a nice pot w/ 55 vs a KJ, but I goofed bady w/ 57s on the BB, I called a Raise and made Check Raise All in Semi bluff on a 4-6-6 Board, my opponent took a long time but finally called with TT and I was out in 50th spot. Yes I showed some guts moving in, but I think I took too big of a risk and could have been more patient, To that point I had accumulated a bunch of chips with out doing anything drastic so there was no need to risk it all in that pot. Ah well, live and learn!

Im now completing 2 $75 bonuses on Party Poker and will be playing $1/2 Limit Omaha HL to get it done. I'll be playing some more tonight and then I'll be taking off to my Fiance's cottage for the weekend.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Change of Pace...

I finished the $100 Bonus at Inter Poker playing 2/4 Limit Holdem on 4 tables. The bonus cleared much faster playing this level, but I am not a strong limit player so I lost about $100 Clearing the bonus. Most of it in the session when I played overly aggressive w/ weak holding forgetting that no one will fold top pair in limit poker. Just bad play on my part, so if any one has any advice on playing Limit Holdem feel free to contribute in the comment section.

Im now at Poker Stars clearing a $120 Bonus and they have a double FPP's bonus offer running right now, so the bonus is clearing much faster then usual. I have played some $1/2 Limit Holdem a few $10 SNG's which I bubbled both times, I also played some Heads up poker, I entered a 4 man Heads up SnG for $10 and won both of my matches quickly for a $40 win, I then played a heads up $10 SnG and won that as well. I finished the night off playing $1/2 Limit Omaha 8 or better. I lost a few bucks but had a great playing a new game for a change.

On a personal note, My Fiance and I joined a recreational centre a few blocks from our condo and have been playing squash a few times a week. Its been a great change of pace to get off the couch and computer and go get some exercise after work. For a while I was feeling like my life was lacking balance and I am making a concerted affort to eat heathier and smaller portions, Drink less Coke and Alcohol and get more exercise.

This past weekend was a good one, My brother Chris who lives out in Arizona was in town so my brother Darrell and I met him at a pub in Markham and had a few drinks and a good catch up session. Chris has been married for a couple of years and now has 1 yr old daughter named Olivia. He is chasing the Dream in the US right now looking to make a fortune in sales and Real estate. Sounds like he is heading in the right direction, but we of course miss him here.

Saturday I went out with my good friend Justin, It had been while since we've been able to get together so we went to a pub for a couple of beers and got caught up.

Sunday was Mother's day, so Amy and I went to my parents place for brunch and then her parents place for dinner, in between we stopped by my sister's new house. Its a great house with a great back yard that backs on to some walking trails. Its a few minute drive from Amy's parents place, so they will be easy to visit when were in the area.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Smooth Sailing at Inter Poker and Season #5 comes to an end...

I played some online poker at Inter on Friday night for an hour or so and ended the session even. Saturday afternoon, I did the same, but this session I came out ahead $175 and completed the $50 Welcome back bonus.

On Sunday we played two League Tournies, In the first one things were going well until I reraised from MP w/ AQ, The raiser called and we took a flop of A-Q-2, this was a great flop for me and I bet out T800 into a T1350 pot, my opponent took his time and re-raised all in for T2100 more, I insta called and he showed a set of 2's and I was out in 8th.

The next tourney, I went in thinking I was done interms of making the final table, so I just wanted to play good and had nothing to lose. I ran incredibly well from the start hitting a set of 7's, a nut straight w/ QJ a FH w/ AK. I then picked up AK UTG and raised the T100 BB to 350, Thornton re-raised all in for T2200 more, I thought about it for a bit and decided it was worth the gamble considering I had about T5500 in chips and was playing to win. I called and he flipped over QJ, my AK held and I was now in great position. From there I was able to make some timely bluffs and hit another hand or two and got heads up vs my brother in law Craig. We battled back and forth for a while and I was finally able to capture the win when I flopped top pair w/ J6s and check raised him all in. He called w/ middle pair and my hand held up. I won $280 and was able to sneak into the final table in 6th place as Virg had a tough day and was knocked out early in both tournies opening the door for me. I feel good that I was able to take advantage.

So Monday night, we played the Final Table, I was at a pretty big disadvantage with only T2500 compared to the chip leaders T7500, so I knew I was going to have to hit a hand or two or flat out gamble. Well, I didnt hit a hand early, so with blinds of 200/400 and my stack at T2400 I moved in w/ 33 and was called by AK. King on the flop knocked me out. Gerrard was able to hit afew hands early and came from behind to win the tourney despite starting in 5th spot w/ T3000. My brother Darrell was the big winner for the whole league profiting $930 despite finishing 4th in the Final.

I havent played any poker since Monday night, but am planning on getting some hours in tonight on Inter Poker.

Friday, May 05, 2006

May Starts with a Bang...

I had a nice run clearing my 2nd Re-load bonus on Party Poker and finished up ahead $134 plus I collected the $100 Bonus for playing 1000 Raked Hands. I changed my style back to raising and re-rasing Preflop and trying to find out where I'm at rather then limping and trying to hit big flops. This is the way I played when I was playing one table but found it tough to do while multi-tabling. I guess I am starting to adjust to playing 4 tables and am having a little more fun being able to play a more aggressive brand of poker while clearing the bonuses.

From Party, I went to Inter Poker where I have a number of pending bonuses. I've only played 1 session so far where I 4 tabled full ring .50/$1 NL Holdem and had a great session of +$141. I got paid off on some big hands including KK, two Ace High flushes and a set of 8's.

The tournament I was going to play in on Saturday has been Cancelled, but we have two league tournies to play on Sunday, hopefully I'll be able to bring my cash game success to the tournies and make some thing happen.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

End of April...

I ended April by clearing a $130 Re-load bonus on Party Poker. Things were going really smooth with the clear as I was 6-tabling $25 NL holdem and was ahead about $50 or so when I lost two big pots, one with QQ vs a set of 7's and another with a set of 8's vs a flush that hit on the river. So I ended up breaking even for the clear and collected the bonus money.

On Sunday we only had 7 guys show up for our league tourney, I didnt play very well and losta big pot w. AQ vs AK, I went out 6th and basically sealed my fate for missing the final table for the 2nd time in as many season's. This is a big wake up call that my Tournament game is rusty and not where I need it to be. I will have to take steps to improve it in the future. Im having trouble making the adjustments necassary to play marginal cards in marginal situations, make big bluffs and hards calls that are needed once the blinds go up.

April Results

Live Ring Games= $0/0 hours= $0.00/hr
Live Tournies= $-60/ 15.5 hours= $-3.87/Hr
OnLine Tournies= $0/ 0 hours= $0/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= $943/65 Hours= $14.50/Hour
Total= $884/81 hrs= $10.98/hr
Current Bank Roll= $4594 US (+$981)

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