Friday, April 28, 2006

Poker, Poker and more Poker...

Since clearing the Eurobet bonus I have moved on to INTER POKER where I have a bunch of pending bonuses, these bonuses dont expire, so there is no rush. In my 1st session on Inter I hit a nice run and won $100, but in my next two I lost it back, The 1st session I was doing fine but then went on Tilt, and ended up losing $50. Tilt is still a huge weakness of mine and I really need to work to improve it. When Im on Tilt I usually start playing too many hands and I play them weakly, a very bad version of loose passive poker. Later I played so heads up Poker which I do not do often, I sat at a .25/.50 NL table and bought in for $50, we went back and forth for a while before a big hand came up, he limped on the button and I raised it to 2.50, He re-raised to $6 and I called w/ AT spades. Flop came J-9-7 w/ 2 spades, and I bet out $6, he re-raised to $12 and I moved all in for $35 more. He called and showd KK, I needed an 8, A or spade to win the pot, but the turn and river bricked and I was out $50.

When I got home from work Thursday I was pleased to see that Party Poker was offering a re-load bonus, so I will be playing there for this weekend and next week. The Re-load bonus is standard for all and is 20% up to $100 and the code is TOPBUCKS40.

Next weekend could be huge for poker as I have been invited to play in a 50 man NL tourney at a bar in Markham. The buy in is $100. Then on Sunday we are playing two League tournies to make up for a cancellation at Easter.

So far April has been a nice month, I will update my April Results in the next couple of days.

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