Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Marathon Session Gone Bad...

Sunday night I had trouble sleeping, so finally at 3:30 am, I said screw it and got up for good and hit Eurobet to 4 table $100 NL Holdem... I held pretty steady for a while, then lost some money with some ill timed bluffs, I then played KK and lost $50 to AA, I was lucky that the guy w/ Aces decided to slow play Preflop and on the flop so I only lost half my stack on a board of under cards... U'd think that would make me happy, but no, I think I went on major tilt and lost my down to -$150, and things were not looking good. I then hit a nice hand where I doubled up w/ 99 on a flop J-9-4 vs a player w/ 9-4. Now, Ill admit the smart thing to do would have been to pack it in right there down about $50 at 5:30 am and either try to hit the hay or watch some TV, but no I got greedy and decided that since I doubled up, not only will I keep playing, Ill play more hands and try to win a big pot... After missing a few draws, I picked up JJ and got married to it despite a raise and a re-raise PF and an all in on the flop w/ all unders to my JJ. This pot cost me $75 and I finished off the session with two rediculous $30 bluffs and ended at 7 am down $207. Only bright side was that I cleared 400 pts towards the bonus, but it was at a steep price. For the record I did make it into work Monday with 0 minutes of sleep (not a fun day).

I played again Tuesday night, and had a nice session where I won $85, most of it coming w/ AA vs KK, no slow play here, we got it all in PF and the bullets held up. I cleared another 165 pts and am now at 3485/6000. Still a ways to go to hit the $600 Bonus.


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