Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eurobet Bonus is Finally Complete...

Yesterday I was home sick (Sore Throat and Stuffed up, ect.), I woke up at 9am and hit the tables starting at .50/$1 NL Holdem, I took a bit of a hit losing $93 most of it on an open ended Straight Flush Draw that missed. After playing for a while I took a break and ate breakfast and did some laundry. I then returned to the tables and decided to 4 table $1-$2 NL Holdem, I played for about 3 1/2 hours, after starting down about $80, I made a nice comeback and ended the session winning $60. That big session at 1-2 gave 535 pts towards the $600 bonus and it is now complete. My rake back numbers from yesterday are not updated, but even with out them, I am receiving $127+ in rakeback as well. So with the Rakeback, I mostly broke even for the extent of the bonus clear and will pad my bankroll w/ $600. This is the biggest longest bonus I have ever completed, and I am proud that I was able to play close to break even poker while 4 tabling .50/$1 amd $1/$2 NL Holdem.

After clearing the bonus I did some more laundry and waited for Amy to get home, once she arrived, we went out for Dinner and ended up going to shoppsy's. We had a great meal and got home and watched American Idol, I think Kelly Pickler will be the next voted off as she has now blown her last two songs.

After watching some TV, I decided to play a little more Poker and went to InterPoker as they offered me a $50 comeback Bonus. I played three 6-handed .50/$1 NL Tables and won a nice pot w/ QQ, I was also winning all kinds of little pots with small bluffs, and took down some medium ones with sets and top pair as well as another doozie with a straight. Although I feel like I knew most of the stuff that was on Daniels DVD, I think it reminded me of some key concepts that has really helped my game. All told I won another $100 on Inter after putting in a short 40 mins session.

I also wanted to mention that I was able to hold on to win both of my Fantasy Hockey Keeper Pools which combined equals a nice $1550 win. I will not be adding this to my Poker bankroll, but it will help go towards my savings for the wedding and honeymoon.

Fantasy Baseball is of course underway and I am currently in 5th out of 10 guys, with my brother Darrell leading the way with a pretty big lead. Its early, but I can already tell that my pitching is thin and it is going to be tough to repeat with out some tinkering to my roster.

Lastly, The wedding date is set for December 1st 2006 and it will take place in the Mayenne Rivierra at a resort called Secrets/Excellance. Our families are booking this week so that is very exciting as well.

Thats all for now.


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