Sunday, April 09, 2006

Empire Poker, Eurobet, Inter Poker and Poker League Tourney...

I finished up my $200 bonus on Empire on Tuesday... I ended up playing mostly at $50 NL 6 max on 4 tables and found it easier to play the 1400 raked hands with that approach. I started down $75 when I flopped a flush and lost to higher flush, + a few other bad money losing situations, but ended the clear on a nice run and basically broke even and received my $200.

I then had some technical difficulties with Eurobet so I headed to Inter Poker to start Amy's $100 Deposit Bonus and Rake back. I played some $50 PL Omaha on 3 tables and finished down $28. Still a ways to go on the bonuses...

The past couple days Ive playing on Eurobet trying to accumulate points towards the $600 Bonus, I currently have 2835 pts and need to have 6000 by April 30th. So Far in the 3 sessions ive played there this month ive gone +$72, +$10, $-46 while 4 tabling $100 NL Holdem. I will be playing all of my poker online at Eurobet until I complete the bonus or it elapses.

Today we had our 7th League Tourney... I played AK in the level w/ blinds at 20/40, I raised PF and missed and folded when i was bet into... I then called a T300 raise w/ 33 and didnt hit a set and folded, I then called a T200 bet with 44 missed the flop and folded, so with blinds now at 50/100 I was down from T2500 to T1500 and started to get more aggressive moving in w/ 77, JJ, and also with 62 on the BB after a flop of 2-4-5, I won all of those pots and split a pot w/ AK vs AK all in PF and was up to T1975, I then found QQ and moved in and was called by the chip leader (My brother Darrell) w/ AT. Of course an A hit the flop and I was out in 6th. My bro went on to win his 4th Tourney of the season so he is on a very nice run and playing well. As for me, Im in 8th place over all 1 point behind 7th and 8 points behind 6th which is the last final table slot.

Both of my Fantasy Hockey teams are playing well and in 1st by large margins, so with 1 week to play in the NHL season, It is looking like I will be winning both pools and making a nice score.

My adult hockey team, The Black Ice lost our play off series on Wednesday night and we out finishing another disappointing season in the 1st round of the play offs. I wasnt able to play due to being sick most of the week.

Thats all for now.


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