Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend...

Thursday I worked down town and then headed up to Markham for Easter Dinner at my Parents place. We had an excellant meal and lots of laugh's. From there Amy and I headed to the Dutchess to meet up with Mike and Carts. We got into the sauce pretty good and had a blast talking fantasy sports and life in general.

Friday we woke up rather early for a holiday (10 am) and headed back to Toronto, I was still a little hung so we napped from 1:30-4:30. I then ate some dinner and went over to Carts place which is a 5 mins cab drive from my pad. There we hooked up with Jut, Lotti, Younger and Joe. We played a $20 Freeze out and I was knocked out w/ 76s on a board of 9-8-6, Carts called my all in bet w/ AK and caught an Ace on the river. Carts went on to beat Younger head to head. From there we headed out to a bar and finished the night off drinking shots and making sure there was no chance of coming home sober.

When I got home I hit Eurobet and won $107 w/ a set of K's vs QQ, I called it a night immediately after the win. The rush was short lived though as I lost $100 w/ a K-hi flush vs an A- High Flush and then another $100 w/ a set of 2's vs a set of 7's. I managed to win back $65 on Sunday evening before going out to dinner w/ amy.

So, I am now 1800 pts shy of the $600 bonus on Eurobet and an am anxious to finally complete the monster.


At Tue Apr 18, 07:51:00 PM EDT, Blogger andy said...

wow. a triple post?

At Tue Apr 18, 09:29:00 PM EDT, Blogger BNH77 said...



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