Friday, April 28, 2006

Poker, Poker and more Poker...

Since clearing the Eurobet bonus I have moved on to INTER POKER where I have a bunch of pending bonuses, these bonuses dont expire, so there is no rush. In my 1st session on Inter I hit a nice run and won $100, but in my next two I lost it back, The 1st session I was doing fine but then went on Tilt, and ended up losing $50. Tilt is still a huge weakness of mine and I really need to work to improve it. When Im on Tilt I usually start playing too many hands and I play them weakly, a very bad version of loose passive poker. Later I played so heads up Poker which I do not do often, I sat at a .25/.50 NL table and bought in for $50, we went back and forth for a while before a big hand came up, he limped on the button and I raised it to 2.50, He re-raised to $6 and I called w/ AT spades. Flop came J-9-7 w/ 2 spades, and I bet out $6, he re-raised to $12 and I moved all in for $35 more. He called and showd KK, I needed an 8, A or spade to win the pot, but the turn and river bricked and I was out $50.

When I got home from work Thursday I was pleased to see that Party Poker was offering a re-load bonus, so I will be playing there for this weekend and next week. The Re-load bonus is standard for all and is 20% up to $100 and the code is TOPBUCKS40.

Next weekend could be huge for poker as I have been invited to play in a 50 man NL tourney at a bar in Markham. The buy in is $100. Then on Sunday we are playing two League tournies to make up for a cancellation at Easter.

So far April has been a nice month, I will update my April Results in the next couple of days.

Take Care,

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eurobet Bonus is Finally Complete...

Yesterday I was home sick (Sore Throat and Stuffed up, ect.), I woke up at 9am and hit the tables starting at .50/$1 NL Holdem, I took a bit of a hit losing $93 most of it on an open ended Straight Flush Draw that missed. After playing for a while I took a break and ate breakfast and did some laundry. I then returned to the tables and decided to 4 table $1-$2 NL Holdem, I played for about 3 1/2 hours, after starting down about $80, I made a nice comeback and ended the session winning $60. That big session at 1-2 gave 535 pts towards the $600 bonus and it is now complete. My rake back numbers from yesterday are not updated, but even with out them, I am receiving $127+ in rakeback as well. So with the Rakeback, I mostly broke even for the extent of the bonus clear and will pad my bankroll w/ $600. This is the biggest longest bonus I have ever completed, and I am proud that I was able to play close to break even poker while 4 tabling .50/$1 amd $1/$2 NL Holdem.

After clearing the bonus I did some more laundry and waited for Amy to get home, once she arrived, we went out for Dinner and ended up going to shoppsy's. We had a great meal and got home and watched American Idol, I think Kelly Pickler will be the next voted off as she has now blown her last two songs.

After watching some TV, I decided to play a little more Poker and went to InterPoker as they offered me a $50 comeback Bonus. I played three 6-handed .50/$1 NL Tables and won a nice pot w/ QQ, I was also winning all kinds of little pots with small bluffs, and took down some medium ones with sets and top pair as well as another doozie with a straight. Although I feel like I knew most of the stuff that was on Daniels DVD, I think it reminded me of some key concepts that has really helped my game. All told I won another $100 on Inter after putting in a short 40 mins session.

I also wanted to mention that I was able to hold on to win both of my Fantasy Hockey Keeper Pools which combined equals a nice $1550 win. I will not be adding this to my Poker bankroll, but it will help go towards my savings for the wedding and honeymoon.

Fantasy Baseball is of course underway and I am currently in 5th out of 10 guys, with my brother Darrell leading the way with a pretty big lead. Its early, but I can already tell that my pitching is thin and it is going to be tough to repeat with out some tinkering to my roster.

Lastly, The wedding date is set for December 1st 2006 and it will take place in the Mayenne Rivierra at a resort called Secrets/Excellance. Our families are booking this week so that is very exciting as well.

Thats all for now.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Interesting Week...

Poker wise, things have been going smooth, for the most part I have probley been breaking even since the last post with a couple of nice wins combined with a big loss or two. I have completed 1300 pts off the Eurobet Bonus and now 568 left to go. I am hoping to finish it over the next couple of days. I did manage a 3rd place finish in Tourney #8 of the poker league which netted me $40 and 17 points. I am now in 7th place, 5 points back of the final table with 3 tournies to play.

Over the weekend, I went out to dinner on Friday night with my sister, Her husband Craig, Amy and a friend of thiers. We went to the Keg and had a nice meal and a great time. Then Saturday it was off to Brokklin to celebrate Amy brother in law's 30th birthday. They had a keg setup as well as a couple of Poker tables, so we got some $10 tournies going. They were a lot of fun, but i didnt cash in either and took a pretty bad beat in the 2nd tourney when my QQ lost to 99 all in Preflop. Oh well, its only $10.

On Monday, My Daniel Negreanu DVD arrived (finally) and I got a chance to watch it, I have to say that I thought it would be a bit better, but over all I enjoyed it and I picked up a few things that will help my game. What I have noticed from most of these DVD's and books is that for the most part they concentrate on Preflop play with good cards. They never get into marginal situations post flop in multi-way pots which is where I need the most help.

Hope all is well.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend...

Thursday I worked down town and then headed up to Markham for Easter Dinner at my Parents place. We had an excellant meal and lots of laugh's. From there Amy and I headed to the Dutchess to meet up with Mike and Carts. We got into the sauce pretty good and had a blast talking fantasy sports and life in general.

Friday we woke up rather early for a holiday (10 am) and headed back to Toronto, I was still a little hung so we napped from 1:30-4:30. I then ate some dinner and went over to Carts place which is a 5 mins cab drive from my pad. There we hooked up with Jut, Lotti, Younger and Joe. We played a $20 Freeze out and I was knocked out w/ 76s on a board of 9-8-6, Carts called my all in bet w/ AK and caught an Ace on the river. Carts went on to beat Younger head to head. From there we headed out to a bar and finished the night off drinking shots and making sure there was no chance of coming home sober.

When I got home I hit Eurobet and won $107 w/ a set of K's vs QQ, I called it a night immediately after the win. The rush was short lived though as I lost $100 w/ a K-hi flush vs an A- High Flush and then another $100 w/ a set of 2's vs a set of 7's. I managed to win back $65 on Sunday evening before going out to dinner w/ amy.

So, I am now 1800 pts shy of the $600 bonus on Eurobet and an am anxious to finally complete the monster.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Marathon Session Gone Bad...

Sunday night I had trouble sleeping, so finally at 3:30 am, I said screw it and got up for good and hit Eurobet to 4 table $100 NL Holdem... I held pretty steady for a while, then lost some money with some ill timed bluffs, I then played KK and lost $50 to AA, I was lucky that the guy w/ Aces decided to slow play Preflop and on the flop so I only lost half my stack on a board of under cards... U'd think that would make me happy, but no, I think I went on major tilt and lost my down to -$150, and things were not looking good. I then hit a nice hand where I doubled up w/ 99 on a flop J-9-4 vs a player w/ 9-4. Now, Ill admit the smart thing to do would have been to pack it in right there down about $50 at 5:30 am and either try to hit the hay or watch some TV, but no I got greedy and decided that since I doubled up, not only will I keep playing, Ill play more hands and try to win a big pot... After missing a few draws, I picked up JJ and got married to it despite a raise and a re-raise PF and an all in on the flop w/ all unders to my JJ. This pot cost me $75 and I finished off the session with two rediculous $30 bluffs and ended at 7 am down $207. Only bright side was that I cleared 400 pts towards the bonus, but it was at a steep price. For the record I did make it into work Monday with 0 minutes of sleep (not a fun day).

I played again Tuesday night, and had a nice session where I won $85, most of it coming w/ AA vs KK, no slow play here, we got it all in PF and the bullets held up. I cleared another 165 pts and am now at 3485/6000. Still a ways to go to hit the $600 Bonus.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Empire Poker, Eurobet, Inter Poker and Poker League Tourney...

I finished up my $200 bonus on Empire on Tuesday... I ended up playing mostly at $50 NL 6 max on 4 tables and found it easier to play the 1400 raked hands with that approach. I started down $75 when I flopped a flush and lost to higher flush, + a few other bad money losing situations, but ended the clear on a nice run and basically broke even and received my $200.

I then had some technical difficulties with Eurobet so I headed to Inter Poker to start Amy's $100 Deposit Bonus and Rake back. I played some $50 PL Omaha on 3 tables and finished down $28. Still a ways to go on the bonuses...

The past couple days Ive playing on Eurobet trying to accumulate points towards the $600 Bonus, I currently have 2835 pts and need to have 6000 by April 30th. So Far in the 3 sessions ive played there this month ive gone +$72, +$10, $-46 while 4 tabling $100 NL Holdem. I will be playing all of my poker online at Eurobet until I complete the bonus or it elapses.

Today we had our 7th League Tourney... I played AK in the level w/ blinds at 20/40, I raised PF and missed and folded when i was bet into... I then called a T300 raise w/ 33 and didnt hit a set and folded, I then called a T200 bet with 44 missed the flop and folded, so with blinds now at 50/100 I was down from T2500 to T1500 and started to get more aggressive moving in w/ 77, JJ, and also with 62 on the BB after a flop of 2-4-5, I won all of those pots and split a pot w/ AK vs AK all in PF and was up to T1975, I then found QQ and moved in and was called by the chip leader (My brother Darrell) w/ AT. Of course an A hit the flop and I was out in 6th. My bro went on to win his 4th Tourney of the season so he is on a very nice run and playing well. As for me, Im in 8th place over all 1 point behind 7th and 8 points behind 6th which is the last final table slot.

Both of my Fantasy Hockey teams are playing well and in 1st by large margins, so with 1 week to play in the NHL season, It is looking like I will be winning both pools and making a nice score.

My adult hockey team, The Black Ice lost our play off series on Wednesday night and we out finishing another disappointing season in the 1st round of the play offs. I wasnt able to play due to being sick most of the week.

Thats all for now.

Monday, April 03, 2006

End of March....

Ive been spending my online poker time on Empire the past few days and so far have cleared $100 Re-load bonus in which I had to play 700 Raked hands. I broke even most of the sessions but in the last one, I lost $45, the big hands was having a Royal flush draw on the flop w/ AQs, I hit my flush on the turn after all the money went in, but opponent had 2 pair and rivered a FH.

Currently, Im working on a $200 Re-load bonus on Empire, so I have to play 1400 Raked hands by Tuesday. It wont be easy but I think I can get it done.

Sunday was also my poker league, I had a few big hands early including AA vs KK, and I hit a flush w/ KQs vs a set and won a nice pot. I cruised to the final 3 with out any major hits to the stack, but once we were 3 handed, it became a very tough battle between My brother Darrell and Todd, Darrell had a significant chip lead, and Todd and I were around even with about T5000, blinds were starting to become an issue as we started 3 handed play with blinds at 100/200. I was on a roller coaster the whole time and finally ended being eliminated w/ the blinds at 400/800 and my stack being at T2400, I called the SB's All in from the BB with Q3s and lost to his QJ. So I finished 3rd and moved into 8th place in the standings 5 points back of the final table.

Live Ring Games= -$30/4 hours= -$7.50/hr
Live Tournies= -$120/ 11 hours= -$10.91/Hr
OnLine Tournies= -$30/ 3 hours= -$10/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= $224/41 Hours= $5.45/Hour
Total= $45/59 hrs= $.75/hr
Current On-Line Bank Roll= $3623 US (+$200)

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