Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday I worked at the HHOF, it was March Break, so it was extremely busy and I was definetly drained when I got home. I was supposed to go out with some Friends for ST. Patrick's Day but the plan fell through, so I decided to stay and chill instead. Later in the night I 6 tabled the $25 NL tables at Party Poker and went through a strings of horrendous beats that I wont bother to describe. I also had some pretty good hands and actually hits quads twice. All in all I lost $40 and didnt finish the 2nd leg of the bonus in time to get the $75.

Saturday, I woke up and played some more $25 NL on PP, and completed a $25 bonus. Amy and I the headed to Alora Race Track for her Nanny's 80th b-day. We had a great dinner and played some slots. I was lucky enough to $55 playing the $1 slots and we called it a night.

Sunday was League Tourney #4, and I played a very Tight Aggressive game, I only limped or called a PF raise 3 times, other then that I was folding, Raising or Re-raising PF. I won a decent pot w/ T4 when I got a free look at the flop and hit two pair, these was a key hand as I won T1000 vs AA. From there it was smooth sailing to 4th, and I managed to double up w/ Q8 vs 33 to get my self into 3rd position where I went out w/ J8 vs K7, I had T3600 w/ blinds at 500/1000 and I moved all in and got called by my brother who was the run away chip leader. Darrell went on to win, but Im happy with my 19 pts and $60.

Currently, Im in 9th place over all, but I am now within striking distance of quite a few guys, I just need to string together some more strong performances.


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