Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tough go of it in March so far....

March has not been kind to me thus far, mostly bc of bad undiciplined play on my part. Poker is a game of Patience, Focus and Discipline combined with selective aggression. When Im not playing well I try to substitute aggression and forget about the other 3 factors, this usually leads to bad results.

I havent been playing a tonne, but when I have played I have leaked away money with bad plays and a few tough beats. Monday was my lastest session, I was 4 tabling .50/$1 NL Holdem on Poker Room and lost a tough hand w/ Trip T's vs J's Full, then I lost my patience and bluffed off another $100 w/ KJs and lost to AK deservedly so... So its been a down month as I have lost about $450 so far, but on the bright side I still have a very healthy bankroll and I just need to get back to the basics.

Today I organized all of the bonuses that are out there right now, so I deposited $600 into Poker Stars for my account and Amy's, this qualified us for two $120 bonuses, I also signed up Amy for Inter Poker under my referral w/, so she is eligible for a $100 Sign up bonus plus a $100 March bonus and will be receiving 32.5% of her rake back which is clear of all bonuses. This a great deal and I reccommend that any one that plays on Inter Poker take advantage of this offer. To sign up with Rakebreak, just click the link located on the right side of my blog called "rakebreak", sign up for an account and go to add site and click on Inter Poker. Follow the Instructions and u'll be on your way to a bunch of bonuses and Rakeback on a pretty good site.

I also depoited $100 in my own Inter account and am eligible to receive $100 bonus there and was offered $25 from Party Poker to play 250 Raked hands on their site. So, once I get back to playing I'll be a busy guy.


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