Sunday, March 12, 2006

Slump Continues....

Only poker I played this weekend was my Sunday afternoon League Tourney, Things were going ver smoothly when I got dealt AQs in late position, I had a stack of T2600 and the blinds were 25/50, a few players limped in and I also limped hoping to flop a monster hand or get away cheap if the flop was rags, well I flopped the nut flush and an early position player bet out, Rich called and I decided to call the 200 bet, not wanting to scare any one off. The turn paired the board 5's, Original bettor checked and now Rich bets 400, Decision time for me, I ofcourse do not love the board pairing but I also felt that I couldnt assume some one already had a FH, I think that would be too weak, I decided to make a raise to T1000 expecting to take the pot down right there, But Rich made the Call and an Ace hit the river, Rich checked to me, and once again I was faced w/ a decision, Do I check down the Nut Flush? Value bet? There was well over 2500 Chips in the pot and I had about T1000 remaining, I decided to bet 700, and Rich moved all in for the rest of my 300 chips and I called quickly. He flipped over A5 for Turned and Rivered FH to knock me out in 10th.

Any comments on how I could have played this hand better would be much appreciated... Should I have raised on the flop w/ the nuts? Should I have slowed down on the turn when the board paired? Checked the river? Or just accept the fact I got unlucky on this hand?

Hopefully others are running better then me right now, bc this is truly frustrating.


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