Thursday, March 23, 2006

Running Well,

Since My $320 win a day or three ago, I have played a couple of more sessions... The 1st one I 4 tabled .50/$1 NL on Eurobet for a few hours and won $80, the big hand came when I flopped the nut straight w/ JTs vs AA and stacked the guy. Last night I played $1/$2 NL Holdem om 4 tables for a 1 hour session and won $150, this time the big hand was flopping a Full House w/ 99 on a board of 9-2-2, we both checked the flop, a J came on the turn and he checked again, so I bet the pot $20, He raised it to $50 and I moved all in and he called quickly w/ KK. My hand held. So for all of you keeping track, dating back to my 3rd place finish in League play on Sunday I am on a $610 winning streak which basicaly has me back to even for the month of March. I really cant pin point what has changed since the dreded losing skid, but I do feel more patient and much more confident while Im playing and I do not feel like I am trying to force things.

Also, wanted to do a quick Fantasy Sports update, both of my keeper pool Hockey team's are in the lead right now, one of the pools is stil close and could go either way, but I feel that if my team plays decently I should come through with the win. Our Fantasy Baseball Draft which is also a Keeper Pool which has been running for 3 seasons now is on Tuesday. I am the defending champ and looking forward to getting started. We get to keep between 9 and 13 players going into the next season and we get 17 Draft picks each to round out our rosters. If you do drop below 13 you get extra picks before the guys with 13 get to make selections to fill out your list. Currently, I have R. Sexson, J. Reyes, D. Wright, C. Delgado (CI), J. Bay, G. Sheffield, A. Jones (we have 6 OF slots), Randy Johnson, M. Rivera, J. Nathan, which makes 10 Keepers.... I hace 3 sots remaining to fill and a bunch of guys to choose from including Cliff Floyd, Chad Cordero, B. Zito, N. Lowery, A. Pettite and B. Myers.

I have also been offered M. Ramirez, M. Tejada, J. Morneau and a 1st rd pick for D. Wright and J. Reyes which is a huge offer and I am seriously considering making the move. The only thing holding it up is the fact that I will have 0 SB'sif I trade Reyes.

Hope all is well,


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