Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March Madness....

March is looking like a complete write off Poker-wise, I am having my worst month since July 2004. I feel like I am some what lost where Poker is concerned... What type of player am I? Tight? Loose? Aggressive? Passive? These days it seems like Im aggressive at the wrong times and Passive too often. I also cant decide on whether I want to concentrate on Cash Games or Tournaments, part of me would like to switch to trying Tournies Full-time and see if I cant improve my game significantly, but the other side of me thinks there are more bonuses to be made playing cash games, and that Tournies can be quite boring.

In terms of where my game is at, I think my run of success late in 2005, when I was able to win $3000 over the course of two months has made me too eager to have that type of success again and again. My patience seems to be on the brink, as when I sit down to play these days, I don't even consider just playing 1 table, its always 3 or 4, and if things don't go well early, I usually just lose interest and stop playing. This has had a negative impact on my tournament game as I feel I don't have the patience to play for the 3-4 hours necessary to get through the field, whether it be a big MTT online or an 11 person STT like we play in our league on Sundays.

I am currently reading a book called The Zen of Poker, and just by reading the 1st chapter I could tell that my patience and discipline are no where near where they need to be for me to be successful on the felt. It has gotten to the point that I just want to sit down and win the money in an hour or forget about it. If I could, I would take a nice break from the game right now, I feel it would be very beneficial, but with the league only in week #4 of 12 and me being the host I cant just stop playing. So, I guess I'll try to fight through this slump and try to regain the attributes that made me a successful player.

Yesterday, I read Mike Cunningham's blog who was a Track Coach at an American University and decided to quit about a year ago to move to Las Vegas and Give the poker life a shot. In his latest blog, He assessed his Strengths and weaknesses as a poker player and I think I may do the same in the coming weeks.

As of now, I am down $650 or so for the month, and my short term goal would be to atleast win back half of what I have lost thus far. In the grand scheme of things losing $600+ is not a crushing blow to my bank roll or my results. Mentally, how ever it is taking its toll.

Currently I am working on a triple bonus at Party Poker, I complete 750 in 3 days to complete the 1st leg, but I still have to clear 1000 and 1500 hands respectively to qualify for two more $75 bonuses over the next 6 days. Its doable, and I will give it my best shot. From there I think Ill head to Poker Stars to try to complete their bonus playing in $10 SnG's.

Quick Fantasy Hockey update, The Agile warriors are still dominating the FHEL, and I have moved my Blood Sweat and Beers team from 3rd in the Ultimate Keeper Pool to 1st by a margin of 7.5 pts over Red's team. Thursday was the trade deadline in the latter pool and I made two deals, the 1st I traded my 1st pick for J. Pitkanen, P. Boucher and B. Rafalski. I did this to strengthen a weak area on my squad which was Defense. I am also -14 Games for D-men, so I figure its worthwhile to have an extra blue liner or two down the stretch. The 2nd deal i made was a whopper which saw me send Lecalvier/Gionta/Selanne and E. Cole for M. Naslund/Shannahan/R. Blake and Zhitnik. Again I felt this deal strengthened my blue line and also increased my protectable list as The only guy that I traded that I would definitely protect would be Lecalvier, I figure Ill protect Naslund/Shanny and Blake so i should be in good shape for next year too. With less then a month to go, Im in 1st in both pools which could be about a $1600 score.

Wish me luck!


At Wed Mar 15, 05:11:00 AM EST, Blogger andy said...

i feel ya man. i'm going through a downswing myself, and it knocks your confidence.
I've taken to reading much more online and dropping a limit for a while, just to get that confidence back.
its tough when every hand u either feel ure gonna get outdrawn or see monsters under the bed.

At Tue Mar 21, 01:12:00 AM EST, Blogger BNH77 said...

What limits do you normally play?


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