Tuesday, March 28, 2006

League Tourny/Fantasy Baseball

Well, I decided to pull the trigger on the D. Wright and J. Reyes for Manny Ramirez, M. Tejada, J. Morneau and a 1st round pick. Our draft is tonight and im heading in with these 13 players- C. Delgado/M. Tejada/R. Sexson/M. Ramirez/J. Bay/A. Jones/G. Sheffield/J. Morneau/R. Johnson/B. Zito/M. Rivera/J. Nathan and C. Cordero. I also have C. Barmes and C. Kotchman who are rookies. I draft last in every round due to my 1st place finish last year and am missing some picks that i dealt away to bolster my team down the stretch last season. So this draft will be a challenge to be sure.

I played lots of poker on Saturday 4 tabling .50/$1 NL holdem on Eurobet, I managed to book a decent win of about $70 over 3 sessions totaling 4 hrs and 1000 hands. I also cleared about 450 pts towards the $600 Bonus. My total is now 2450 pts out of 6000 and I have till April 30th to get the remaining pts.

On Sunday we played our 5th League Tourney and it was extremely uneventful for me, I was quite hung over from a night of drinking on saturday and basically got dealt crud for 3 hours. I played AK early and lost T300 on the hand when I missed the flop and mucked when faced with a bet in a multiway pot. I then limped w/ A3s and flopped bottom pair w/ a flush draw and bet out T200, I was called by a player w/ midlle pair and I checked down the rest of the hand while misssing my draw. This had me down to T1900 early. I then buckled down and watched 4 players get eliminated but in the process I was get blinded down, I moved in w/ AJs and 44 but didnt get called and won very small pots. Finally with the blinds at 100/200, i was dealt 73 hearts on the BB, there were 2 limpers in, so i checked and saw a flop of 8-6-4 w/ 2 hearts, giving me a flush and gutshot draw, the SB bet T600, I had T1100 left and moved it in, he called with J6 and I ofcourse missed my decent draw and was eliminated in 7th. I am now in 9th place over all in the league 16 pts back of the final table.


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