Monday, March 06, 2006

Home game- Poker Room- League Tournament...

On Friday night I went to my friend Warezy's House to play in a $50 buy in $1-$1 NL Holdem ring game, only problem was we had a couple of no shows so we ended up playing 4 handed w/ myself, warezy, James and Rich. I got off to a hot start by making a flush and rivering a FH when I was all in with trip 5's vs Rich who also had trip 5's, both of us were playing the board as our kicker but I rivered a 3 to win the whole pot. That was my peak, up about $85 or so, from there i lost a bunch of smallish pots that took a little chunk out of my stack. Then I raised from the button w/ AA and got warezy to re-raise me all in, For $60 or so, I called and he flipped over TT. Ofcourse a T hit the board and I was basically back down to where I started. From there, I couldnt get much going and ended the session down $30 through 4 hours of play.

Saturday I played a short session on Poker Room and won $60 4 Tabling .50/$1 NL Holdem. I also completed 110 pts towards a $100 bonus. After that I drove into Markham and met up with a gang of my chum's at Zac's house, from there we hopped in Limo's and headed down to the Leaf Game. There were 16 in of us in two Limo's and we all watched the game in Zac's Box, it was a heck of a time, but The Leafs did lose to the Sens 4-2. We kept the Party going by hitting the Arms, while there I pulled off a trade in one of my Fantasy Hockey Pools. I am now in 2nd place in the pool that I was in 3rd and just two pts back of the leader. I traded M. Svatos, P. Bergeron, J. Theodore (IR), and my 2nd Pick for D. Briere, S. Fedorov and D. Tucker. Hopefully this will be the boost I need to put my team over the top.

Sunday I woke up hung over, but got the chips all set for the league Tourney and was ready to play. I had my 1st clash in the 4th level w/ QQ I came over the top of a short stack's raise from UTG and it turned out he had AA. It only cost me T700, so I was still in fine shape w/ T1750 and blinds at 25/50. I remained patient won a small pot w/ AA vs a small stack who was all in w/ 55. I got a scare when a 5 flopped but an A arrived on the next card. From there I made a couple of steals and won a decent pot w/ KQ of clubs when the flop came K-x-x w/ 2 clubs. I was up to T3000. I went on to get a bit short but then doubled up w/ AK from the button, UTG made it 700 to go and I moved all in and he called T900 more he turned over pocket 4's and I won when the flop came A-A-x. I was up T4400 and the blinds were now at 200/400 and we were down to 5 players, 1st hand after the 3rd break I looked down @ 86 sooted, I decided that I had a nice tight image at this point and it could be a good time to make a play and add some much needed chips to my medium stack, unfortuantely for me the SB found AA and I was out in 5th place and collected 14 points to move into a 3 way tie for 9th place.


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