Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finally... A Win!

The past few blogs have been about losses and bad beats, so this one will be a pleasant change of pace. I just finished an hour long session 4 tabling $.50/$1 NL Holdem on Eurobet and booked my self a $320 win, which is my biggest single session win of 2006 by a long shot.

My 1st big hand was having KK in position and re-raising a $3 bet to $10, my opponent called and we saw a 9-high unco-ordinated flop, I bet $20 in the $20 pot and he min-raises me, I moved him all in for $28 more and he called w/ QQ and my hand held up.

I then played a big pot w/ QTs(Hearts), where I limped in from the cut off, the board was A-9-7 w/ 1 Heart, we saw a free turn and it was another heart, it checked around to the button who bet out $4, I decided to call, thinking I could win a big pots vs an Ace or better, the river was the 5 of hearts and I now had the 2nd nuts, I bet out $15 into a $12 pot, My opponent took his time and raised me to $40, I didnt like that raise at all, and decided to just call rather then moving in for $50 more. My opponent showed KJ of hearts and I lost a pretty big pot, but felt that I saved my self $50 by not moving in.

After that, I went cold for a while but managed to stay a little ahead of even, then I went on a tear that saw me hit a set of 9's vs KK, then a set of 5's vs 99 and the finale was a set of T's that turned into T's full of Aces vs AK.

The deck was definetely on my side, but I felt I played some pretty strong poker, and I feel it was the best all around poker I have played since I started 4-tabling. I was paying attention to the little details, like pot odds from the SB, and attempting steals from the cut off rather then just the button. I also tested people a little more on the flop then I have been and stayed involved even when I was folding a lot.


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