Monday, February 13, 2006

Still working away at Eurobet bonus...

Ive only played a few hours over the past couple of days... I just finished a two hour session that saw me drop $110. AKs let me down twice, 1st time I lost a race vs QQ, 2nd time I was in bad shape vs KK. I did double through a guy w/ AJ w/ Top pair vs his 55, and I also won a nice pot w/ A2 when I flopped a boat. The turning point though was over playing 88 on a board of low cards and losing a big pot to AA. That is the hand that I played the worst and could have avoided. I also will not be trying to get all the $ in w/ AK as any more, as over the past few sessions it has cost me too much. I am finding that when I am called I am either racing vs a PP or in very bad shape against AA or KK. The past 4 times Ive pushed w/ it I have been against QQ/AA/KK/ and QJ and have lost them all.

I had a fun weekend as I went to the Leaf game on Saturday and watched J. Jagr score goals and lead the Rangers to a 4-2 win. Tough loss for the Leafs, but it was nice to see Jagr play well. After the game, we hit a bar called the Fifth. Good times were had all around.

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