Sunday, February 26, 2006

Since my last post I have played two sessions of 4 tabling .50/1 NL Holdem on Eurobet, totaling about 3 hours. In the 1st session I ran my KK into AA PF lost $100 on the 3rd hand, I plugged away and lost another $75 before making a decent comeback and ended up down $100 for the session. My biggest hand was holding AA on a A-7-2 board w/ 3 diamonds, I bet the pot after the flop and put my opponent all in on the non-diamond turn, he called w/ AT no diamond and I won $50 from him.

On Friday night Amy and I met Rick and Dana at Hernando's and had a great mexican meal, from there we headed to the Toronto Rock Game(LaCrosse) at the ACC. This was my 1st time going to a rock game and I was pleasantly surprised at how exiting it was. The Rock ended up winning 11-10 in OT.

Saturday I played another short session and this time I won $70. My big hand was holding QQ, the pot was raised $10 by the player behind me and I called, the flop came Q-8-4 Rainbow, I checked and he bet $15, I smooth called. I checked again when a Jack came on the turn, he moved all in w/ AA and I won a $175 pot when the riv blanked off.

This afternoon is the start of my poker league, we are heading into our 5th season. The participants in this league are Darrell (brother), Craig (brother in law), Todd (1 season vet), Thornton (1 season vet, Former Champ), Malcs (2 season vet), Virg (3 Season Vet), Hodson (2 Season Vet), Joe (2 season vet), Rich (Rookie), and BJ (Rookie).

We are each starting with T2500 Chips and the blinds are starting at 5/10 and increasing every 15 mins. What makes it a league is that all participants pay $120 at the start of the season, we then compete for 11 Tourney's ($60 each week) and we accumulate 2 pts for each opponent we out last. At the end of the 11 tourney we total our top 10 scores and the 6 players w/ the highest scores face off the $1300 prize pool.


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