Monday, February 06, 2006

Second City, Inter Poker, Super Bowl Home Game.

Saturday night I went to Second City with Amy's Family and also Amy's brother's Parents in-law. We started the night by having dinner at Wayne Gretzky's, it was great meal and we then moved on to Second City and saw a very entertaining show. After the show it was back to Gretzky's for drinks, we all had a great time drinking, chatting and even a little dancing.

Since, my last post I have started playing for a $100 February bonus at Inter Poker. The deal at Inter Poker is $100 for 500 Raked Hands, the catch is that a raked hand at Inter is when there $1 pulled from the pot, and there needs to be $20 in a pot for $1 to be pulled. It makes it a more difficult clear as you have to play atleast $.50/$1 NL to make it worth while. Things have started off well though and I am currently ahead $95 and am 40% of the way through the raked hands.

Sunday, I went to a friend of mine's pad to play $1-1, $40 buy in NL holdem and watch the superbowl. I'll admit I barely paid attention to the football game and I dont think many others did either. We had 8 guys playing, I started off hitting a few hands and getting my self up about $20, but I went a bit card dead, and made some weak bluff attempts to lose my self back down to $40. I then said to my self to tighten as this table was unbluffable, The bad run of cards continued till I was down to $10 and I rebought for $40 more. At this point I had been playing for 5 hours or so and the best hand I had been dealt was 99, the best unpaired cards I had was AJ. I continued to be patient and was down to $22 or so, when I found AQ UTG, I limped and few limped behind me, the BB raised it up to $5, I decided it was time to make something happen and I moved all in. It folded back to the raiser, and he called w/ AJ. My AQ held up, and I was back in action, I then went on a nice tear, winning pots with hands like 97s when I flopped two pair, AJ when I limped and trapped A7 for a decent pot on an Ace High Board. At the end of the night the run continued and i picked up AA and KK and won some medium sized pots. When it was all said and done I had won my way back from -$60 to +30 over the course of a 7 hour session. My goal was to play solid disciplined poker through out the entire session and not let myself get tilted from the some what akward play. In these type of loose passive Preflop games, you need to hit big hands two pairs or better to win the big pots, and unfortunately for me, I couldnt cacth a good flop at the right time to rake in any monster pots, but I did play solid ABC poker and managed to book a small win despite having very little to work with.


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