Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I am currently on a sweet run at the tables right now and over the past two days I have put together wins of $113, $161 and $106. On top of that I was able to to clear the $300 bonus at Eurobet, I am also waiting on a referral for PSO to go through which will net me 1000 PSO points and bring my total up to 10,000 which is enough to cash in a $100 Party Poker Gift Certificate.

The big hand that occured during the $161 winning session was I picked up AK w/ the K of diamonds and raised it PF to $4. I got a 3 callers, when the flop came down A-2-6 of diamonds I bet out $8 and it was folded around to the button who made it $20 more. I moved all in for $80 more w/ Top pair and the nut flush draw, he took his sweet time and finally made the call. I was elated when I saw He had AK and I was on Free roll, a diamond hit the riv, and I doubled up in a big pot. I later hit a set of J's in that session to win another medium sized pot before calling it a night.

During the session, that I won $106, I didnt win any monster pots, but I won some decent pots with AA/QQ/AQs and TT.

The major changes I have made in my game since the break, has just been staying patient and disciplined and not over playing hands like AQ/AJ/AK/TT ect. I have also stopped taking w/ flops w/ hands like QJ/KT/KQ off as I find those hands just arent makingme any $. Ive also been paying more attention to pot odds, and when there a few limpers in a pot, i'll take a flop w/ a hands like 5-6 or 6-7 to try hit a big flop, and if I dont I get out w/ minimal damage done. But, the major change has been that my big Hands are holding up, that is key to any poker player's success, there really is only so much you can do when your sets are being cracked and Aces and Kings cant seem to win, all you can do is stay positive and try to minimize the tilt factor.


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