Friday, February 03, 2006

Party Poker Re-load Bonus Complete...

Havent been playing a tonne of poker lately, but I have managed to clear a $75 Re-load bonus on Party Poker over the past few days. I had to play 525 Raked hands and got them done over 4 hours of play. I broke even over the course of the clear, which is a bit of disappointment, but I'll take the $75. Two hands from the sessions that stand out are a set of 6's on a board of 3-6-J, Turn was a 7 and Riv was a 7, I moved all in for $18 more on the river after betting both streets and lost my stack when my opponent called and turned over 7-3 for a bigger boat. That is just an ugly beat as he has to catch two 7's or two 3's to win the hand. I got that back near the end of the clear when I flopped a set of 8's on a A-8-4 Flop, I bet into my opponent who called, I then check- raised the turn all in and got called by AK, I doubled up and the clear was complete. I will be heading over to Inter Poker to try for a $100 bonus that they are offering in February.

On Wednesday, I had a hockey game, The team I play for is called the Black Ice, and its a team a friend of mine put together to compete at a decent level in a league called the ASHL. We pulled out a 8-3 Win, and I got an early goal, 1st one I've had in awhile so it was nice to get back on the score sheet. I also got my old skates fixed and they did seem to feel quite a bit better then the ones Ive wearing.

Tomorrow, I am going to Second City to celebrate Amy's Brother and Sister's b-day, should be a good time, but I wont be getting much poker in till Sunday or Monday.


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