Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Month End.....

I had an unbelievable session yesterday, I sat down at Eurobet and before I had all 4 of my tables open I had doubled up twice... 1st time w/ 99 vs AK on an A-9-X flop, and the 2nd one (3 hands later) I had KK and flopped a set on a K-3-4 Board, I bet out small and was raised and called in 3 places, I repopped to 15 and was called by one opponent, The turn was a 6 and I bet out $25, he put me all in and I called and 4 came on the river to give me K's full, but I dont know what he had... All told I made $191 in 7 mins and called it a session. I then played two $10 SnG's on party and came 7th in one and won the other for a $29 profit.

February was a great month, things just came together as I cleared the $300 Eurobet bonus, Did well at Party Poker, Did a profitable clear at Inter and cashed in $100 on PSO.

The only wierd thing about February was that I played the least amount of poker since May of 2004 (pre-online days). What I did do was play when I actually felt like playing instead of playing just to play, toss in a little luck and some nice bonuses and you have your self a very profitable month...


Live Ring Games= $30/7.5 hours= $4.00/hr
Live Tournies= $40/ 6 hours= $6.67/Hr
OnLine Tournies= $1/ 4 hours= $0/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= $930/29 Hours= $32.05/Hour
Total= $1001/47 hrs= $21.52/hr

Current Bank Roll= $3423 US (+869)


At Thu Mar 02, 10:55:00 AM EST, Blogger andy said...

hey man nice blog. good to see another low limit player grinding.

i noticed in ure account summaries you don't list rakeback.
If you want, i know how to get 32.5% rakeback at interpoker, even if u already have an existing account there.
plus the monthly bonus doesn't count against the MGR, which is fantastic.
email me at acl_teng@hotmail.com if ure interested.

anyway enough plugging, gl at the tables

At Thu Mar 02, 01:31:00 PM EST, Blogger BNH77 said...

Very cool, I emailed you for details.



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