Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finished up on Inter Poker...

I cleared the $100 Bonus at Inter and was able to win $135 on top, so that is a nice result to get the month going. Near the end of the Bonus clear I started playing .25/.50 PL Omaha and found that I was accumulating just as many points an hour playing that as I was playing .50/$1 NL Holdem. So Far, I have just dabbled in Omaha during my career, but I have always found it interesting. I had a lot fun and won $94 which is a definite confidence booster.

Since finishing the bonus on Monday night, I have played 0 hours of Poker. Its been an unintentional break in that I didnt say to my self "I need a break", but Ive been gettinghome from work and not feeling like jumping on the cpu, so I havent, Im just going to wait till im hungry to play again and get back to it.

Tonight, I had a hockey game and our team the Black Ice was able to win another one and improve our record to 10-6-1, good for 2nd place. I had a couple of chances but didnt connect for a goal or a point. It was an interesting game in that we started down 2-0, then tied it up 2-2, went down 4-2, and came back to win 5-4. Good character boost for the squad!

On the fantasy side of things, Im dominating one keeper hockey pool, and in 3rd in the other... In the pool Im in 3rd, I have Jose Theodore and he is absolutely killing me, I'm thinking I might have to trade him, but at the same time his value couldnt be any worse right now... I'm going to have to make a tough decision in the near future and Im not looking forward to it.

I also picked up my 1st fantasy baseball magazine today, and am excited for the ball season to get going. Myself and a group of 9 friends also compete in a keeper baseball pool, and I won last year, so I am going to have to try extra hard to defend my title.


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