Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back in Action....

Well, I went 3 or 4 days w/ no online poker for the 1st time in over a year. I think it was a good break and I was able to get quite a bit of poker reading done including 7 chapters of "The Theory of Poker", 5 chapters of Harrington on Holdem 2, and a few chapters of "Essays of the Poker Mind". I also watched the World Poker Conference 2004 DVD.

On Friday I went over to a friend of mine's pad (He's actually my co-best man along with my brother) and we played 3 $20 NL tourney's w/ 6 players in each tourney, in the 1st one I got lucky in a big pot w/ ATs, I was down from 60 chips to 36 and on the BB and moved all in on the SB's 10 chips raise, he called w/ KK and i flopped 3 spades to make the nut flush and more then double up to 80 chips. I won a few more pots and got my self head up with the chip leader and took him down when I called w/ 2nd pair on a scary board, he checked twice, then check raised my turn bet all in.... it just didnt seem right and he was on a stone cold bluff and drwing dead. The 2nd tourney went very smooth and I won another $60 holding AA vs Matt's 10-6, he tried to semi bluff me w/ middle pair but my AA held up. The 3rd tourney wasnt so smooth, I caught no cards but managed to make it down to the final 3 and get my short stack all in w/ AQ vs 54s, but Chris flopped a flush and I was out finishing the night +$100.

Saturday, I got my computer back and played a few sit and Go's on Eurobet, I broke even finishing 8th, 2nd and 4th.

Sunday I played 4 tables of $100 NL holdem for 2 hours on Eurobet and crushed 165 points and won $115 making it a very nice weekend. Big pot came when I was holding a set of 2's on a K-7-2 flop, I bet out and was raised, I moved all in for $75 more and was insta-called by KQ, another K hit the turn, but the river blanked off giving me the pot.

Late Saturday night, I became an uncle for the 2nd time as my sister had a 7 lb 1 Oz baby girl (kyla). It was great news and every one is doing very well, Im going to see her tomorrow afternoon.


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