Monday, February 27, 2006

10th Place Finish...

As I mentioned in my previous blog, yesterday was the 1st League tourney of Season #5. Its basically 11 player STT, I didnt play many hands until the 3rd level with the blinds 25/50, I called a T175 raise w/ KJs, there were two other callers and the flop came down K-6-X, All checked to me, and I bet T350 and got 1 caller (loose Aggressive player), An ace came on the turn and we both checked, I caught a J ack on the River to make two pair and called his T300 bet. He flipped over A6 and scooped the T1000+ pot. I was down to T1400 when I found pocket 6's in middle position, there was 1 limper and I raised the 50/100 blinds to 300, A player in late position called, The BB called and then UTG re-raised up to T1000, I folded, the BB called w/ 99 and was up against AA, and the 1st player was eliminated.

I found AK a few hands later and moved in over top of a raise, I got called by AK and we split the pot. I was getting low w/ T1300 and blinds at 75/150, The same Loose Aggressive player as in the 1st hand raised from UTG up to 400, I again look down at AK and move all in for 900 more, it folds back to him and after some thought (he had tonnes of chips 7000 or so) he called w/ 77. I got no help from the board and was out in 10th.

Im nothappy with the way things went and Im not totally sure what I did wrong, I didnt pick up any significant hands except for AK 3 times, I won a small pot, Tied, and lost a big one to send me packing. I dont like my raise w/ 66, I think I should have limped or folded and Im definetely 2nd guessing my play w/ KJs. Should I have called the Pre-flop raise? Should I have bet more when flopping top pair? I dont mind the call on the river. Other then that its just another bad result that has be 2nd guessing my poker play.

I also played 3 $11 SnG's on PP later on that night and finished 8th-7th-and 3rd for a -$13 Session.

Im definetly in a funk where Tournies are concerned and its starting to wear on me. With just two days left in February, Im not sure how much poker I'll be playing. I'll post my results for the mont on Wednesday.

Congrats to Dave on the in and also to BJ and Virg for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the league tourney.


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