Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Month End.....

I had an unbelievable session yesterday, I sat down at Eurobet and before I had all 4 of my tables open I had doubled up twice... 1st time w/ 99 vs AK on an A-9-X flop, and the 2nd one (3 hands later) I had KK and flopped a set on a K-3-4 Board, I bet out small and was raised and called in 3 places, I repopped to 15 and was called by one opponent, The turn was a 6 and I bet out $25, he put me all in and I called and 4 came on the river to give me K's full, but I dont know what he had... All told I made $191 in 7 mins and called it a session. I then played two $10 SnG's on party and came 7th in one and won the other for a $29 profit.

February was a great month, things just came together as I cleared the $300 Eurobet bonus, Did well at Party Poker, Did a profitable clear at Inter and cashed in $100 on PSO.

The only wierd thing about February was that I played the least amount of poker since May of 2004 (pre-online days). What I did do was play when I actually felt like playing instead of playing just to play, toss in a little luck and some nice bonuses and you have your self a very profitable month...


Live Ring Games= $30/7.5 hours= $4.00/hr
Live Tournies= $40/ 6 hours= $6.67/Hr
OnLine Tournies= $1/ 4 hours= $0/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= $930/29 Hours= $32.05/Hour
Total= $1001/47 hrs= $21.52/hr

Current Bank Roll= $3423 US (+869)

Monday, February 27, 2006

10th Place Finish...

As I mentioned in my previous blog, yesterday was the 1st League tourney of Season #5. Its basically 11 player STT, I didnt play many hands until the 3rd level with the blinds 25/50, I called a T175 raise w/ KJs, there were two other callers and the flop came down K-6-X, All checked to me, and I bet T350 and got 1 caller (loose Aggressive player), An ace came on the turn and we both checked, I caught a J ack on the River to make two pair and called his T300 bet. He flipped over A6 and scooped the T1000+ pot. I was down to T1400 when I found pocket 6's in middle position, there was 1 limper and I raised the 50/100 blinds to 300, A player in late position called, The BB called and then UTG re-raised up to T1000, I folded, the BB called w/ 99 and was up against AA, and the 1st player was eliminated.

I found AK a few hands later and moved in over top of a raise, I got called by AK and we split the pot. I was getting low w/ T1300 and blinds at 75/150, The same Loose Aggressive player as in the 1st hand raised from UTG up to 400, I again look down at AK and move all in for 900 more, it folds back to him and after some thought (he had tonnes of chips 7000 or so) he called w/ 77. I got no help from the board and was out in 10th.

Im nothappy with the way things went and Im not totally sure what I did wrong, I didnt pick up any significant hands except for AK 3 times, I won a small pot, Tied, and lost a big one to send me packing. I dont like my raise w/ 66, I think I should have limped or folded and Im definetely 2nd guessing my play w/ KJs. Should I have called the Pre-flop raise? Should I have bet more when flopping top pair? I dont mind the call on the river. Other then that its just another bad result that has be 2nd guessing my poker play.

I also played 3 $11 SnG's on PP later on that night and finished 8th-7th-and 3rd for a -$13 Session.

Im definetly in a funk where Tournies are concerned and its starting to wear on me. With just two days left in February, Im not sure how much poker I'll be playing. I'll post my results for the mont on Wednesday.

Congrats to Dave on the in and also to BJ and Virg for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the league tourney.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Since my last post I have played two sessions of 4 tabling .50/1 NL Holdem on Eurobet, totaling about 3 hours. In the 1st session I ran my KK into AA PF lost $100 on the 3rd hand, I plugged away and lost another $75 before making a decent comeback and ended up down $100 for the session. My biggest hand was holding AA on a A-7-2 board w/ 3 diamonds, I bet the pot after the flop and put my opponent all in on the non-diamond turn, he called w/ AT no diamond and I won $50 from him.

On Friday night Amy and I met Rick and Dana at Hernando's and had a great mexican meal, from there we headed to the Toronto Rock Game(LaCrosse) at the ACC. This was my 1st time going to a rock game and I was pleasantly surprised at how exiting it was. The Rock ended up winning 11-10 in OT.

Saturday I played another short session and this time I won $70. My big hand was holding QQ, the pot was raised $10 by the player behind me and I called, the flop came Q-8-4 Rainbow, I checked and he bet $15, I smooth called. I checked again when a Jack came on the turn, he moved all in w/ AA and I won a $175 pot when the riv blanked off.

This afternoon is the start of my poker league, we are heading into our 5th season. The participants in this league are Darrell (brother), Craig (brother in law), Todd (1 season vet), Thornton (1 season vet, Former Champ), Malcs (2 season vet), Virg (3 Season Vet), Hodson (2 Season Vet), Joe (2 season vet), Rich (Rookie), and BJ (Rookie).

We are each starting with T2500 Chips and the blinds are starting at 5/10 and increasing every 15 mins. What makes it a league is that all participants pay $120 at the start of the season, we then compete for 11 Tourney's ($60 each week) and we accumulate 2 pts for each opponent we out last. At the end of the 11 tourney we total our top 10 scores and the 6 players w/ the highest scores face off the $1300 prize pool.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I am currently on a sweet run at the tables right now and over the past two days I have put together wins of $113, $161 and $106. On top of that I was able to to clear the $300 bonus at Eurobet, I am also waiting on a referral for PSO to go through which will net me 1000 PSO points and bring my total up to 10,000 which is enough to cash in a $100 Party Poker Gift Certificate.

The big hand that occured during the $161 winning session was I picked up AK w/ the K of diamonds and raised it PF to $4. I got a 3 callers, when the flop came down A-2-6 of diamonds I bet out $8 and it was folded around to the button who made it $20 more. I moved all in for $80 more w/ Top pair and the nut flush draw, he took his sweet time and finally made the call. I was elated when I saw He had AK and I was on Free roll, a diamond hit the riv, and I doubled up in a big pot. I later hit a set of J's in that session to win another medium sized pot before calling it a night.

During the session, that I won $106, I didnt win any monster pots, but I won some decent pots with AA/QQ/AQs and TT.

The major changes I have made in my game since the break, has just been staying patient and disciplined and not over playing hands like AQ/AJ/AK/TT ect. I have also stopped taking w/ flops w/ hands like QJ/KT/KQ off as I find those hands just arent makingme any $. Ive also been paying more attention to pot odds, and when there a few limpers in a pot, i'll take a flop w/ a hands like 5-6 or 6-7 to try hit a big flop, and if I dont I get out w/ minimal damage done. But, the major change has been that my big Hands are holding up, that is key to any poker player's success, there really is only so much you can do when your sets are being cracked and Aces and Kings cant seem to win, all you can do is stay positive and try to minimize the tilt factor.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back in Action....

Well, I went 3 or 4 days w/ no online poker for the 1st time in over a year. I think it was a good break and I was able to get quite a bit of poker reading done including 7 chapters of "The Theory of Poker", 5 chapters of Harrington on Holdem 2, and a few chapters of "Essays of the Poker Mind". I also watched the World Poker Conference 2004 DVD.

On Friday I went over to a friend of mine's pad (He's actually my co-best man along with my brother) and we played 3 $20 NL tourney's w/ 6 players in each tourney, in the 1st one I got lucky in a big pot w/ ATs, I was down from 60 chips to 36 and on the BB and moved all in on the SB's 10 chips raise, he called w/ KK and i flopped 3 spades to make the nut flush and more then double up to 80 chips. I won a few more pots and got my self head up with the chip leader and took him down when I called w/ 2nd pair on a scary board, he checked twice, then check raised my turn bet all in.... it just didnt seem right and he was on a stone cold bluff and drwing dead. The 2nd tourney went very smooth and I won another $60 holding AA vs Matt's 10-6, he tried to semi bluff me w/ middle pair but my AA held up. The 3rd tourney wasnt so smooth, I caught no cards but managed to make it down to the final 3 and get my short stack all in w/ AQ vs 54s, but Chris flopped a flush and I was out finishing the night +$100.

Saturday, I got my computer back and played a few sit and Go's on Eurobet, I broke even finishing 8th, 2nd and 4th.

Sunday I played 4 tables of $100 NL holdem for 2 hours on Eurobet and crushed 165 points and won $115 making it a very nice weekend. Big pot came when I was holding a set of 2's on a K-7-2 flop, I bet out and was raised, I moved all in for $75 more and was insta-called by KQ, another K hit the turn, but the river blanked off giving me the pot.

Late Saturday night, I became an uncle for the 2nd time as my sister had a 7 lb 1 Oz baby girl (kyla). It was great news and every one is doing very well, Im going to see her tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad Run, Computer Trouble....

I hit a very rough patch on Eurobet and dropped $300 over the past couple of days dropping me to -$80 or so for the month of February. This down swing has been caused by me over playing draws and missing as well as having my big hands get beat. In my last session I moved all in for $50 twice with fush draws and missed. I then moved all in w/ KK twice PF, got called by AK and 99 and lost both hands. I have 600 points left to finish a $300 bonus on Eurobet and will continue to plug away until the bonus is complete.

Unfortuantely, I wont be completing anything on line for a few days as my computer at home basically shut down on Monday morning. I took it into to future shop today so they can look at and hopefully get it cleaned up and back online, but it looks like it will be 2 or 3 days before I play any poker.

Hope every one else is running better then I....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Still working away at Eurobet bonus...

Ive only played a few hours over the past couple of days... I just finished a two hour session that saw me drop $110. AKs let me down twice, 1st time I lost a race vs QQ, 2nd time I was in bad shape vs KK. I did double through a guy w/ AJ w/ Top pair vs his 55, and I also won a nice pot w/ A2 when I flopped a boat. The turning point though was over playing 88 on a board of low cards and losing a big pot to AA. That is the hand that I played the worst and could have avoided. I also will not be trying to get all the $ in w/ AK as any more, as over the past few sessions it has cost me too much. I am finding that when I am called I am either racing vs a PP or in very bad shape against AA or KK. The past 4 times Ive pushed w/ it I have been against QQ/AA/KK/ and QJ and have lost them all.

I had a fun weekend as I went to the Leaf game on Saturday and watched J. Jagr score goals and lead the Rangers to a 4-2 win. Tough loss for the Leafs, but it was nice to see Jagr play well. After the game, we hit a bar called the Fifth. Good times were had all around.

That's all for now.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finished up on Inter Poker...

I cleared the $100 Bonus at Inter and was able to win $135 on top, so that is a nice result to get the month going. Near the end of the Bonus clear I started playing .25/.50 PL Omaha and found that I was accumulating just as many points an hour playing that as I was playing .50/$1 NL Holdem. So Far, I have just dabbled in Omaha during my career, but I have always found it interesting. I had a lot fun and won $94 which is a definite confidence booster.

Since finishing the bonus on Monday night, I have played 0 hours of Poker. Its been an unintentional break in that I didnt say to my self "I need a break", but Ive been gettinghome from work and not feeling like jumping on the cpu, so I havent, Im just going to wait till im hungry to play again and get back to it.

Tonight, I had a hockey game and our team the Black Ice was able to win another one and improve our record to 10-6-1, good for 2nd place. I had a couple of chances but didnt connect for a goal or a point. It was an interesting game in that we started down 2-0, then tied it up 2-2, went down 4-2, and came back to win 5-4. Good character boost for the squad!

On the fantasy side of things, Im dominating one keeper hockey pool, and in 3rd in the other... In the pool Im in 3rd, I have Jose Theodore and he is absolutely killing me, I'm thinking I might have to trade him, but at the same time his value couldnt be any worse right now... I'm going to have to make a tough decision in the near future and Im not looking forward to it.

I also picked up my 1st fantasy baseball magazine today, and am excited for the ball season to get going. Myself and a group of 9 friends also compete in a keeper baseball pool, and I won last year, so I am going to have to try extra hard to defend my title.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Second City, Inter Poker, Super Bowl Home Game.

Saturday night I went to Second City with Amy's Family and also Amy's brother's Parents in-law. We started the night by having dinner at Wayne Gretzky's, it was great meal and we then moved on to Second City and saw a very entertaining show. After the show it was back to Gretzky's for drinks, we all had a great time drinking, chatting and even a little dancing.

Since, my last post I have started playing for a $100 February bonus at Inter Poker. The deal at Inter Poker is $100 for 500 Raked Hands, the catch is that a raked hand at Inter is when there $1 pulled from the pot, and there needs to be $20 in a pot for $1 to be pulled. It makes it a more difficult clear as you have to play atleast $.50/$1 NL to make it worth while. Things have started off well though and I am currently ahead $95 and am 40% of the way through the raked hands.

Sunday, I went to a friend of mine's pad to play $1-1, $40 buy in NL holdem and watch the superbowl. I'll admit I barely paid attention to the football game and I dont think many others did either. We had 8 guys playing, I started off hitting a few hands and getting my self up about $20, but I went a bit card dead, and made some weak bluff attempts to lose my self back down to $40. I then said to my self to tighten as this table was unbluffable, The bad run of cards continued till I was down to $10 and I rebought for $40 more. At this point I had been playing for 5 hours or so and the best hand I had been dealt was 99, the best unpaired cards I had was AJ. I continued to be patient and was down to $22 or so, when I found AQ UTG, I limped and few limped behind me, the BB raised it up to $5, I decided it was time to make something happen and I moved all in. It folded back to the raiser, and he called w/ AJ. My AQ held up, and I was back in action, I then went on a nice tear, winning pots with hands like 97s when I flopped two pair, AJ when I limped and trapped A7 for a decent pot on an Ace High Board. At the end of the night the run continued and i picked up AA and KK and won some medium sized pots. When it was all said and done I had won my way back from -$60 to +30 over the course of a 7 hour session. My goal was to play solid disciplined poker through out the entire session and not let myself get tilted from the some what akward play. In these type of loose passive Preflop games, you need to hit big hands two pairs or better to win the big pots, and unfortunately for me, I couldnt cacth a good flop at the right time to rake in any monster pots, but I did play solid ABC poker and managed to book a small win despite having very little to work with.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Party Poker Re-load Bonus Complete...

Havent been playing a tonne of poker lately, but I have managed to clear a $75 Re-load bonus on Party Poker over the past few days. I had to play 525 Raked hands and got them done over 4 hours of play. I broke even over the course of the clear, which is a bit of disappointment, but I'll take the $75. Two hands from the sessions that stand out are a set of 6's on a board of 3-6-J, Turn was a 7 and Riv was a 7, I moved all in for $18 more on the river after betting both streets and lost my stack when my opponent called and turned over 7-3 for a bigger boat. That is just an ugly beat as he has to catch two 7's or two 3's to win the hand. I got that back near the end of the clear when I flopped a set of 8's on a A-8-4 Flop, I bet into my opponent who called, I then check- raised the turn all in and got called by AK, I doubled up and the clear was complete. I will be heading over to Inter Poker to try for a $100 bonus that they are offering in February.

On Wednesday, I had a hockey game, The team I play for is called the Black Ice, and its a team a friend of mine put together to compete at a decent level in a league called the ASHL. We pulled out a 8-3 Win, and I got an early goal, 1st one I've had in awhile so it was nice to get back on the score sheet. I also got my old skates fixed and they did seem to feel quite a bit better then the ones Ive wearing.

Tomorrow, I am going to Second City to celebrate Amy's Brother and Sister's b-day, should be a good time, but I wont be getting much poker in till Sunday or Monday.

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