Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Summary

Well, I had a great weekend, On Friday night Amy's brother Rick and his wife Dana came down town to our condo and we had some drinks and headed out to the Keg for dinner. I feasted on the Prime Rib and King Crab legs, it was delicious to say the least. We had a few more drinks at the keg and then moved on to the Bier Market. We hit the dance floor and then moved to a table where we proceeded to get even more drunk, im sure there was some great conversation going on, but I dont remember, LOL. Once we got home we played a litlle poker tourney for pride and urs truly managed to win, I actually played some pretty decent poker considering there was no money on the line and had a lot of fun.

Saturday was veg day, I did manage to play some hands on Party poker, but for the most part I watched some hockey and then the movie Europeon Vacation. Later in the night I started playing Civilization 2 on my computer, its a cool game I used to play all the time before I got into poker. Ive got a game going that Im going to try to finish off after im done writing this, I say try because Civ 2 games can take 8-10 hours to play, and im only at 1537AD, still 500 years to go lol.

I did play lots of poker today and managed to clear my $90 bonus at Party poker and finished $143 to the good while clearing. My major hand came this afternoon when i flopped a set of 4's on a board of A-4-2 w/ two diamonds, there was a lot of betting on the flop, I was in position and moved all in when it got back around from, I got called from the early position short stack and the middle position guy w/ $24 in his stack. The turn brought a Queen and the river blanked off. The short stack showed AQ, and the Bigger stack showed KT of diamonds. My hand was quite vulnerable on the turn as any diamond, Queen, Ace or Jack would have done me in, but it held up and I won the $60 pot.

Other then that I watched the Ultmate Poker Challenge and then watched the Monte Carlo Million on the casino games channel. Phil Ivey is the chip leader w/ 24 players left and I cant wait to watch him play again.

Not sure where I'll be heading next, Im thinking of going to Inter Poker for the $90 bonus that I have pending there, but there is a chance Ill go try to finish off my bonus at Eurobet.

Ill decide tomorrow. Also, if you have GSN, there is a show called High Stakes Poker on tomorrow at 9pm I think. Its a No Limit Cash game with all the big names in Poker, great watch if ur able.

Take Care.


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