Monday, January 09, 2006

The ups and Downs of this crazy game....

Well, I must say that I stuck to my game plan tonight in the final league match. I got some chips early with a set of J's. I won a few more pots and then faced adversity when I raised to 300 w/ KK, My brother Darrell reraised me $1000 more. It came back around and I moved him all in, he had 2800 more on top of the 1000. He called w/ AQ, and an A hit the flop immediately, I went from being up T4000 Chips, and 2-1 Favourite to have over 13,000 Chips to being back to where we started T5000 Chips.

I didnt let it get to me too much, I stayed aggressive and active and won my way back up to T8000, but then I made an ill advised bluff w/ T8 off that cost me 4000 Chips. I dont mind the play(delayed Bluff) that I tried, I called off two 500 bets on the flop and turn w/ a board of A-5-6 (w/ two diamonds) holding absolutely no hand or draw, when I called on the flop I told my self Im going to try to take this down w/ a bluff at some point in the hand. I waited till the river when a 3rd diamond came to make a flush possible and reraised my opponents 1000 bet up to 3500. He contemplated for a while and then called. I said nice call and flipped up my T-High, and he showed AK. Now, the major problem w/ this bluff attempt, was that my opponent had a much stronger hand then I thought he had, I really didnt even think he had an Ace, and if he did I figured it was w/ a low kicker as he just called my Preflop raise from the SB and then bet out, on the Ace High Flop not trying to trap me at all. I read that for weakness, but it was strength and the bluff back fired and shrunk me down to a medium/lowish stack, with the blinds and antes moving up to 150-300 w/ a 50 ante. I widdled away a little and then collected the blinds and antes w/ AQs, and again w A6s when I got no callers w/ my all in raise. I then tried to steal the anties again w/ K2s, but was thwarted in that attempt and it cost me T1200 so I was now down to T1750 and the blinds went up to 200-400 and there were still 8 players left. I was on the button and picked up AA, it folded around to me and I moved my stack into the middle hoping for a call from a blind. The SB folded, but my brother on the BB contemplated and then called... I asked him what beat he was going to dish me this time as he was the one that took down my KK earlier, and he flipped up KJs. The flop came down A-K-8 and I was a 95% favourite to take down the pot of about T4000. Turn brought a K, and I was now a 98% favourite to win w/ Aces full, but the poker gods decided it was time to spit in my face and the river was yet another K, giving my bro quad K's. I took the beat in stride and shook every one's hand and congratulated them on a nice season. I am officially out of the final tourney, and Im not as upset about it as I thought I would be. I think I played pretty good poker over the 10 Tournies, maybe a little too passive, which I will fix for the next season, and all in all it was a fun time despite my poor result.

So, I lost $60 in the tourny and I also subtracted the $70 league entry fee from my results for a decent sized hit. I dont add or subtract $ that I win or lose playing live poker from my bank roll, but I do of course count it in my results.

Despite the loss, Im up $147 over 19 hours of poker thus far in January.

Not sure which site im going to head to next, Ill think that over tomorrow and hopefully get started Tuesday night...... But after that last hand, maybe I should take some time off, LOL.


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