Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quick Update....

I ended up getting one other Party Poker code to work, and spent most of the past couple of days clearing it. It was for $75. I also won $150 while playing the 750 hands. Im definetly playing better at the $25 tables. Im not sure if its the stakes or just the fact that Party Poker has so many weak players on it.

I also cleared a $90 Bonus on Inter Poker, but That didnt go as well as I ended up dropping the $90 Bonus and $55 more on top. The big hand that cost me late in the clear was calling a raise w/ KQs in the sb. The button made it $4 to go, I called and the flop came down K-x-x, I called his $12 bet, and then a $36 bet on the turn and one more $20 bet on the riv. to see his AA. I definetly should have raised preflop or on the flop to get more information about the strength of his hand. I also think that folding on the turn when he over bet the pot would be an acceptable play. I really dont think an opponent would be playing KJ or KT this way.

So Im real happy with the way things went on Party Poker, Interpoker wasnt so bad, I made a few mistakes that cost me. That is a tough bonus clear bc I have to play higher stakes then Im accustomed to for 1400-1700 hands, and if one or two go wrong the bonus is gone. I will also say that I didnt get paid off on my big hands.

Plan is to head to Eurobet for the rest of the month to finish off the $300 Bonus I was working on.


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