Monday, January 02, 2006

Poker League- Season 4 Week 10

The league works as follows, 11 of us pay a $120 entry fee at the beginning of the season. We then play 11 tournies and use our 10 best scores. You get two points for showing up, and 2 additional points for every player you out last. You also receive 3 bonus pts for 1st, 2 bonus pts for 2nd and 1 bonus pt for 3rd.

The goal is to finish in the top 6 and play in the final tourny where there is $120 * 11 ($1320) up for grabs. We each buy in for $60 each week and get T5000 chips to start with. The blinds start at 25-25 and increase gradually every 20 mins. The pay out each week is 50%/30%/20%.

The competitors are Myself, Darrell (my brother), Craig (brother in law), Steve, Paul, Greg, Brian, Matt, Dave, Joe and James.

We are now in week 10 and I am in 8th place and needed two strong finishes to make a push for the final table. Unfortunately things didnt go too well tonight, and after making a nice lay down w/ KK in a small pot, and then another lay down Preflop w/ AQ after my T1000 reraise from the SB was raises all in by a limper, I was basically blinded away and finished 5th after moving in UTG w/ T2400 w/ T3s, blinds were 200-400 w/ a 50 ante, and i was called by AQ and lost deservingly so. Im not sure if its a good play to move in w/ that rubbish or not, but w/ the blinds moving up to 250-500 on the next hand i felt it was time to try something. Bottom line is I once again allowed my self to become a medium stack which shrunk to a short stack. The key point in this tourney was picking up AA in the cut off w/ the blinds @ 150-300, I made it 800 to go and all folded leaving me w/ zilch to show for my monster.

As far as Online poker goes, Im working on a $200 bonus for 2000 hands @ Empire poker right now and am 4 tabling $25 NL Holdem to get it done. So Far Im up $47 and im 324 Hands into the bonus clear.


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