Monday, January 09, 2006

On a nice roll....

Ive played quite a bit of Poker over the past couple of days and have manged to go on a decent run, stringing together wins of $11, $10, $28, $18, and $46. All of these sessions were about an hour and a half long, and I was 4 tabling $25 buy in NL holdem.

During this time I completed the 2nd $100 bonus on empire poker and managed to bring my empire account up to $449 from $237. All told, Ive spent 18.5 hours on empire this month and managed to add $296 to my bank roll. Definetly happy to start 2006 off with a profitable bonus clear.

I had quite a few big hands, one was I limped in from early position w/ AA, there was a maniac at the table and he was on the button, he moved all in w/ QQ (not a bad hand for a maniac) and I called and doubled through w/ my aces.

Another big hand I had was 57s on the BB, my opponent raised my .25 blind up to $1 from early position and I decided to take a flop heads up, the came down K-5-7 (all hearts), This both pleased me and scared me, I played the hand extremely aggressive check raising his $2 bet up to $6, he flat called and when the turn brought no heart I moved in for $17 more. My opponent called w/ AA and no heart and my hand held up for a nice win.

On top of those hands I flopped a few sets, won a nice pot w/ QQ vs JJ, I was also reraising original bettors more often w/ hands like AQ/AK and KQs to take control of the hand and try to win the pots if we both flopped zilch.

I took a tough loss with the QT of clubs when I caught my flush on the river, but my opponent had the A9 of clubs. I got saved by the fact that the board paired and my opponent just called my $4 bet into an $8 pot, had he raised it would have been a tough decision, and im glad he didnt. The other big blow was an ill advised bluff from the SB with ATs, I raised PF and was called by only the BB, the flop came down 2-4-4, I checked, my opponent bet $3, and I moved all in for $15 more, he insta called w/ JJ and I got no help.

Tonight is poker League and although I dont have a good shot at making the final table, Im going to try to play the best poker I can. I have to fight the bordom that sets in playing live poker as opposed to 4 tabling online. Its important that I stay focused on what is going on around the table and try to play more aggressivly then I have been. If im going to go out, its going to be on my terms and not by letting the blinds eat away at my stack!


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