Saturday, January 14, 2006

Officially Running Bad....

Ive had in my head for a little while now that I may be running bad, mainly in the poker league where it seemed no matter what I did, I wasnt able to finish in the money over the last month of the season.

Well, over the past few days things havent been going so hot online either. Last night when I got home from work I decided to 3 Tables $100 buy in NL Holdem @ Inter Poker. I ahve to play 450 hands to receive a $90 Bonus. A Raked hand at Inter is defined as a hand in which $1 is raked from the pot. In order for $1 to be raked there has to be $20 total in the pot. So it is not a bonus easily cleared at the lower stakes games.

Things were going smooth in this session when Im dealt AA with a raise and a reraise in front of me, I dont mess around and I move all in preflop, Im quickly called by the reraiser for $75 more and he shows JJ. Well, ofcourse the 1st card of the deck is a Jack and Im down $60 or so. I proceed to pick up JJ, QQ and JJ again and lose smaller pots in all 3 cases. Im down $88, so I decide to go to a $1/2 $200 buy in NL Table and once again Im dealt QQ, I raised it $14 and am called by the player to my left. The flop comes JT2, I bet $30, he calls, the turn brings a 2, I check, he bets $35 I call, the river brings a 9, I check again and he bets $50. I call again and win a $128 pot w/ my QQ vs his AK (No pair). This put me in the black $40 for the session, but if my cards held up I could and should have been up a lot more.

I went out and had a good time w/ Carts, Younger, Lotti, Roto and keks on Friday night, we got into the booze pretty good. When I got home I decided to play some poker (not a good idea), I hit a $1-2 NL 6 handed table (not a good idea) and proceeded to donk off $104 in a little bit over 1/2 an hour. I dont remember many hands, so Im not really sure how I lost it. But im sure it wasnt pretty.

So for the month online, Im @ +224 over 24 hours of play (including bonuses)

Im about to hit 3 $1/2 NL tables on Interpoker, so wish me luck.


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