Thursday, January 05, 2006

A night of bad beats and bad situations

Well, I didnt get to play as much as I thought I would today as I used my day off to sleep. I sat up and watched my Ultimate Poker Challenge DVD last night and bascically slept the day away. But after dinner and a little TV I did hit Empire to start the 2nd $100 reload bonus. Things started with a bang as I flopped quad 6's and got paid off by the high FH on a board of 6-6-8-5-8. That was the end of the fun though as I then had AA cracked by AK, I raised $3 PF and was called by the BB, the flop came K-8-3 w/ 2 hearts, opponent checked and I over bet the pot $10, he moved all in for a few more $, and proceeded to hit runner Hearts to win the $20 pot. Later on I had QT of clubs in the SB, and the flop came down w/ 3 low clubs, I check raised the original bettor up to $2, he folded but another player over called, The turn brought a brick, so I bet the pot $6, he called and had $15 left, when the river didnt pair the board or bring another club I moved all in and he called with A2 of clubs. Maybe I over played this hand, but there was a chance he had a lower flush then me and would have paid the all in on the riv, but an argue ment could be made for slowing down as well i guess. I then had JJ cracked twice medium sized pots, and finally lost w. 6-8 on a board of 6-7-8, I bet, opponent raised, i moved all in he called w/ T9 and I had enough at this point losing $63 in just over an hour. I did play 171 Raked hands but still have a ways to go. Hopefully I can rebound so I dont lose the whole bonus.

The only hand I feel I played real bad was the 6-8 two pair hand, but I think I had just lost my patience at that point and was too eager to try to win some of my $ back.

I work tomorrow, but may try to hit the tables a little more tonight or tomorrow after work.


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