Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January Wrap Up....

Well, The 1st month of 2006 has ended with a wimper, I didnt make too much of an effort to turn things around, and what do ya know? It didnt turn around. I didnt play much over the past few days, but when I did play it was at Eurobet. I decided on a new strategy which should work better for clearing the tougher bonuses like Inter and Eurobet. I'll be playing .50/$1 NL Holdem on 4 tables but rather then buying in for $100 on each table and risking $400+ per session I will be buying in at each table for only $40 or $50. I played a few hours like this so far and I think I enjoyed it a bit more and had better results then I have been having at that level lately. I feel more comfortable pushing all in for $50 then I do for $100, and it has allowed me to increase my aggression and I have also been getting called more with my big hands as my opponents are not respecting my stack.

All in all, January was a fine month, It started with a bang at Empire, then slowed down when I went to Eurobet and Inter Poker, Then I heated up on Party Poker and I thought I was looking good for a $500-$600 month, but I again stumbled at Inter Poker and the bottom fell out when I went back to Eurobet. The good news is I have completed 2/3's of a $300 bonus at Eurobet so I should be able to finish that off in Febuary which will be a nice boost.

I do feel I learned a lot from the tough experiences I had in January, missing the final table in the poker league for the 1st time has made me realize that I cant just go through the motions and I need to try to be patient and bring my A game to each tourney rather then try to force the action. I took some horrendous beats in huge pots which would normally drive me up the wall, but I was able to fight through it and avoid doing anything that could have cost me a significant chunk of my bankroll. This is definetly not the best of times, but I feel it could make be a better player down the road.

Live Ring Games= $0/0 Hours
Live Tournies= -$110/ 4.5 hours= -$40/Hour
OnLine Tournies= -$101/ 2 hours= -$50/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= +$178/76 Hours= $2.34/Hour
League Entry Fee= -$70
Totals= -$103/83 Hours= -$1.25/Hour

Current Bank Roll= $2554 US


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