Monday, January 02, 2006

Im looking forward to an interesting 2006,

Ive decided to get into the blog thing and write about my experiences playing poker. Im coming off a great 2005, where I was able to build a bank roll of $2500 playing low stakes NL Texas Holdem and collecting bonuses from various sites.

My core group of sites is Party Poker, Poker Stars, Empire Poker, Inter Poker, Eurobet and Full Tilt. On top of the bonuses I collect points at and reddem them for gift certificates at party poker when ever I have atleast 10,000 points. If you are not using pso, I strongly reccommend you start. Its a great way to tour the various online poker sites to see which ones you like and receive gifts for doing so, it really is a no lose situation. Use Norm77 as your referral if you'd like to get started.

My goal this year is to win more then I did last year, and my plan is to continue to collect the easy bonuses playing $25 NL Holdem and $1-2 Limit holdem, but I would like to start playing more $100 Buy in NL holdem and higher limit games as well. Its important to mention that I play both under my account and my Fiance's Account so I am able to clear PSO promotions and reload bonuses twice which helps increase my bankroll. Im also thinking about going to Las Vegas in the summer and taking a shot at a low buy in World Series event.

In 2006. id also like to play more MTT and S&G Tournies to improve my tournament play. I run a poker league for my friends, so I will keep you posted on how that goes and explain how it works in a future post.

Happy New Year all, hopefully 2006 will be full of success and enjoyment!


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