Sunday, January 15, 2006

Finished up on Inter Poker, moving on to EuroBet...

Ive played a tonne of poker over the past few days, way too many hands to get into much detail. I ended up clearing the $90 bonus on Inter poker but finished -$11 for the Bonus clear. The key hand that made the difference was flopping a set w/ 44. The flop came KQ4, an early position player bet out $6 and was called 4 times b4 it got to me, I moved all in for $86 more. I got called by 2 opponents each of them had me covered, so I had a good chance to Triple up and win a $300+ pot. the turn brought a brick and the River brought an Ace, and a guy won it w/ JT for a broadway. I was over 85% to win this pot on the turn, but it wasnt to be. I took one more bad beat w/ Aces and K's losing to a straight on the river. This ensured that I would finish the bonus clear in the red. I played all of my 9 hours at INTER POKER at stakes of .50/$1 NL or $1/2 NL and I really enjoyed it, its got me hungry for poker again. I think there is some real $ to be made at these stakes. I lost $100 playing drunk, another $100 w/ AA vs JJ, a $100 with a set of 4's vs an OE straight draw and and another $80 w/ Aces and K's to a rivered Straight. With all of those hands going wrong and my own mistake of playing a high stakes short handed game while drinking, I still only lost $101, and the $90 bonus absorbs most of that loss. If a couple of those hands that I was huge favourite in go my way this could have been a very profitable weekend. The hands didnt hold up, and instead I took a hit, but as they say thats poker.

I'm pleased with the fact that I didnt go on tilt and on many occasions got right back on the horse and would win a big hand after taking a loss which means that I am comfortable playing these stakes. Im definetly more comfortable at .50/$1 then $1/2, so my plan is to play $100 buy in NL Holdem exclusively for awhile and see if I can go on a hot streak. I figure even if I struggle for a while The bonuses will help absorb some of the losses and I'll get a cheap learning experience.

So, Im now off to Eurobet to clear a $300 Reload bonus, so far Ive completed 411 points out of the required 3000. I figure it is going to take 30 hours or so of 4 tabling to reach the target.


Just had a great session 4 tabling $100 NL on Eurobet... I won $159. One big hand was a set of 5's where I player called by check raise on the flop, a $40 bet on the turn and my $21 all in river bet when he was chasing the nut flush and caught his ace on the riv.

The other big hand was w/ AK on a King High flop, I check raised my opponent all in, and he called w/ KQ and my hand held up.

January Results Summary-
Online Ring= +383/35 Hours
Live Tournies= -$120/4.5 hours
League Entry Fee= -$70
Total= +$204/40 Hours ($5.16 hour)
OnLine Bank roll= Has increased to $2850 U.S.


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