Sunday, January 29, 2006

An experiment gone wrong...

Friday I played a few hours of poker, and I attempted to 6 table NL Holdem on Eurobet playing at 10 player tables w/ blinds of .50/$1 buying in for $50. Things were moving along ok, but I ran into a couple rough spots when I flopped Top pair w/ AQ on a board of A-8-2, I lost a $30 to an opponent w/ 22. A while later I lost my stack w/ AA vs QQ on a board Q-T-4. After about 90 mins, I decided to end the session and in total lost $171. I did complete 190 points towards the bonus, but it was a steep price and I dont think I'll be attempting 6 tables any time soon. The loss turned January into a losing month -$51 over 76 hours of play.

Last night I went out for a good friends b-day, we hit a bar called Macy O'Mally's then went to another bar to cap off the night. It was a good time, plenty of talk about fantasy Hockey, Leafs, Blue Jays and more fantasy hockey.

Im in two Keeper Hockey pools, and currently in 1st in one and 3rd in the other. The pool that im in 1st in is looking like a run away as I am about 20 points up on my nearest competitor but he has a good team w/ guys like Crosby, Ovechkin ect so he could make a run if im not careful. The pool that Im 3rd, is a dog fight that looks like it could go down to the wire between my self and 3 other teams. Hopefully my squad can make a nice push over the 2nd half. I made a huge trade a few weeks ago that saw me send E. Staal, A. Kovalev, M. Straka and N. Khabibulin for M. Turco, P. Demitra and T. Selanne, It was a pretty big deal w/ Zac who is right ahead of me in the standings, Demitra returned to action yesterday after being out a couple of weeks and Marty Turco is starting to play very well beating the Redwings 2-1 on Saturday.

Today, im just nursing my hang over and looking forward to watching some WSOP 2005 Main event coverage at 5pm and its back to work Monday.


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